Windows Live Writer on Windows x64  

This article is now out of date and a x64 compatible installer can be found at the Windows Live! Writer home page.

Windows Live Writer has finally been released but refuses to install on Windows x64 (64-bit) despite the promises made in the release notes of the previous beta. In fact it has an incredibly confusing installer.

This is especially annoying considering it’s such a great tool and that the new version finally supports a UK spell checker.


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  1. Hey, it blew up my computer and killed my cat. Can I sue you?

    Rik HemsleyNovember 9th, 2007
  2. No. :p

    Damien GuardNovember 9th, 2007
  3. Excellent, I was looking for that today. It seems that the crappy installer also fails if you are on a network that has its own WSUS server.

    Are we ever going to go back to the old days of being able to download files that actually contain what you want to install? I’ve been having similar problems with Sony Ericssons update service need to download firmware updates for just about every phone they’ve ever produced, just so I can re-flash my phone!

    AdrianNovember 9th, 2007
  4. Damien,

    Thanks alot for posting this. I have been waiting to find a solution for this issue for about a week or two and finally, I have a successful installation. I have posted yout solution on my blog (with credit of coarse) , hopefully helping others with the same situation.

    Also, I installed on 4 x64 machines with 0 failures of any kind.


    Ryan – April 6th, 2008

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