Subtleties of .NET: int i; and int i=0 are not the same

Every value type in .NET defaults to a sensible value so you might be thinking that

int i


int i = 0

are logically the same.

This is often true however consider the case of a variable declared in-line inside a loop and things are a little different (using Decimal in this example)

foreach(Customer customer in customers) {
  decimal customerSalesYTD = 0;
  foreach(Invoice invoice in customer.Invoices.ForYear(DateTime.Now.Year)
    customerSalesYTD += invoice.Value;
  SalesTotal.Set(customer, customerSalesYTD);

Here the 0 makes all the difference because although you have created the variable inside the loop by the time the run-time gets to this the optimizer has moved the object creation to outside the loop.


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