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From the vaults of Twitter

I don’t normally republish my Tweets but are my highlights.

Methods returning “this” is a hack for fluency. Let’s get “..” added to the C# compiler to operate on previous object. a.This()..That()

@damienguard I can’t decide if that’s genius or insanity. Should we add the “~” operator to refer back to the top of the inherit. chain? ;)

@damienguard I’ve started using Envy Code R for most of my applications (not just VS) and I have to say I’m loving it.

@LostInTangent: Envy Code R PR8 soon – Greek chars, improved hinting and some glyph revisions subscript/fractions & *96 redone.

Statically typed languages are not flexible enough to develop dynamically linked libraries.

Renaming your WiFi router StupidRouter does not alas shame it into being more reliable.

@command_tab: Am I the only one who finds paying for pretty UI’s to leverage free software that took much more effort to develop offensive?

Just took delivery on my Alps-switched keyboard… feels good so far… but let’s see if co-workers complain about the noise.


@lancefisher The alps keyboard was from DSI USA… but don’t order one, terrible 2-key limits prevent fast typing.

Apple should add hobbyist to its OS X line-up. Make kernel easier to switch, remove the h/w lock-down and no support.

Standard windows font smoothing’s real problem is lack of scales. Convert a ClearType rendering to greyscale in Photoshop…


What I would like to see in Snow Leopard

The word is out that Snow Leopard will be about trimming down Leopard – likely Apple’s effort to switch to lower-capacity solid-storage such as found in the MacBook Air and perhaps future iPhones and maybe a tablet.

Mac OS X binaries have always been on the large size containing as they do multiple human languages and processor code (PPC, X86, X64) and it will be good that you don’t need to keep running TrimTheFat or XSlimmer to get them down.

Given this is such a system-oriented release, here’s what I want to see:

  • More detailed system information such as RAM SPD details, processor revision etc. (Manufacturers are offering faster RAM but you have to run a tool in Windows to find out what you have)
  • Option for ZFS system-partition with intelligent fast compression.
  • Support for flash memory as a cache/page-file – 32GB ExpressCards are cheap but useless on OS X.
  • Uninstaller to clean up installed/created files squirreled away in /Library etc. (Present in NextStep but had disappeared by OS X now space is a priority it’s time to bring it back.)
  • System notification API with standard responder that can be replaced by Growl for more customization.
  • Show package contents to work on ZIP files and other supported archives. Ability to drag files in/out.
  • Core compression API to complement core video and core data API’s with plug-in ability for extra compression algorithms and archive formats.
  • Optimization of the OpenGL drivers and API to get frame-rates for Mac games on par with their Windows equivalents.
  • Smart play-lists in Font Book – come on I want a list of English fonts… or monospaced ones. Why should I have to manage them?

I’d be very surprised if Blu Ray support doesn’t show up too and it might be time for DVD Player to just become Movie Player and gain some features from QuickTime which would then become just an API and the missing authoring features exposed to CoreVideo or iMovie.


Apple Store Vancouver opens tomorrow

Apple are opening an Apple Store here in Vancouver, BC tomorrow at 10:00am.

It is located in the upper level of the Pacific Center mall on the corner of West Georgia and Granville.

I’ll be there tomorrow morning grabbing a DVI to Video Adapter so I can watch the small collection of English Region-2 DVD’s I brought with me on a decent sized TV.

Of course if it wasn’t for region coding I could use the DVD player already in the lounge… and buy a US Xbox 360 to play my 20+ existing games…


Boot Camp 2.1, VMware Fusion 1.1.2 and MacBook Pro firmware

Boot Camp 2.1

Apple have released Boot Camp 2.1 which finally includes official 64-bit support on Vista and support for Windows XP Service Pack 3.

This update may mean that 3D games will play without locking up or installing Nvidia’s own drivers and that the track-pad functions correctly again (broken since Boot Camp 1.x)

MacBook Pro Firmware 1.5.1

Apple’s MacBook Pro Firmware Update 1.5.1 applies to all recent MacBook Pro’s including the ones with MBP31.0070.B05 firmware that the 1.5 update failed to upgrade leaving 17″ owners on MBP31.0070.B07.

The new firmware does not fix a problem where track-pad input would become jerky after suspending/sleeping and turning Airport off would make matters worse. 10.5.3 has fixes for Airport after sleeping which might solve the issue…

VMware Fusion 1.1.2

VMware Fusion 1.1.2 is just out and includes a host of fixes and improvements including:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Network and USB compatibility
  • Time Machine compatibility

Now that VMware lets Time Machine backup the VM image file and that Time Machine backs up modified files in their entirety you might want to exclude ~/Documents/Virtual Machines it unless you fancy loosing several gigabytes per hour whilst using a VM. Of course if you have your VM running off it’s own partition to allow Boot Camp too then that’s not an issue.

With any luck VMware will figure out a way of Time Machine backing up changed individual files within the Windows file-system…