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Sometimes when designing a font it can start to feel similar to another one. Normally a quick flip to my page and I’ll find one that’s either similar enough that I should make drastic changes or it’s suitably different and I can continue. This one felt SO familiar but I couldn’t find anything in my pages, nor in my _incomplete, or old rejected deletions.

Unperturbed I dug into my original BASIN font collection, no joy, then finally to an image of an old 3” Spectrum +3 disk of fonts I did back in the 80s. There it was, a font very similar to the one I was working on named “keyboard” - inspired by the heavy oblique letters on the key caps of the Amstrad-produced Spectrum +2 and +3.

Comparing them my new font was much better quality than the old attempt so I stuck with it and so here is my only heavy oblique font to date. Given the size limitations it may well be the only one I do in this style and it works quite well for titles but is a little too chunky for paragraphs of text.


A 2021 production taking the concept of a magnetic-character-recognition style and making it incredibly small. The bottom-heavy magnetic elements also give it a weight reminiscent of 80s chrome as well.

It works pretty well for a number of scenarios and given the size you could squeeze out a lot more text with a proportional renderer.


I created this font around 2006 for the BASIN package.

The inspiration - and name - come from the bold bubbly fonts of 1970’s disco and album covers.

It works for titles and surprisingly well for large runs of text like adventure games and the world definitely needs more games set in the 70s!

Can be seen in Funky Fungus, A Very Sheepy Xmas and a modified version in Duckstroma.


A 2021 release of a design that had been sitting around for a while - at least since 2020 perhaps earlier - that never felt quite done or right. I eventually decided to just release the font anyway and in doing so tried to think of a name and decided that a spacey-name would be good which led to me remembering the Battlestar Galactica logo which has a similar theme.

At that point I simply moved around where the gaps on each letter were to be more in tune with the Battlestar logo instead of the seemingly-random decisions I had made previously… and that worked in pulling the font together.

It works nicely for titles and headings but please stay away from anything longer than a few words and use sparingly. If you want a more readable spacey-type theme check out some of my alternatives from the collection that also share a space theme.