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I designed this font in 2019 in BASIN as a fun straight-edge almost-chiseled feel with corners that keep on going and generous serifs.

This font works great for titles and small runs of text and at you can even use it even for low-density text adventures at a stretch.

Can be seen in Subcommander


Trouble is a recent 2019 design the blends the bottom-heavy style of Beachball and friendliness with some of the punch and angularity of Vertigo for something less chaotic and still fun.

The font works exceptionally well on lists and titles screens yet is still a good read for dialog despite the thickness.

ZX System X3

I created this font in 2019 using BASIN based upon the System X3 font by Paul Prue. It takes the magnetic ‘bump’ concept and shifts it to unusual places with extra dots and unexpected curves and lines. The result is something quite aggressive and bold.

It works well for titles and small amounts of options and list screens. It is unsuitable for large runs of text or prose.


This typeface is a 2019 design taking inspiration from the posters of 60s movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. It has a lot of energy, chaos, and a dash of datedness from the simply woodblock-like structure.

This style works well for title screens, text adventures, and large runs of text. It even looks great with standard fixed-width 8-pixel rendering.