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This typeface is a 2019 design taking inspiration from the posters of 60s movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. It has a lot of energy, chaos, and a dash of datedness from the simply woodblock-like structure.

This style works well for title screens, text adventures, and large runs of text. It even looks great with standard fixed-width 8-pixel rendering.


This typeface is a 2019 BASIN production with a fast, aggressive angular style suitable for racing games.

This font works great for titles and lists but can be hard to read for large quantities of text.


A late 2020 BASIN production inspired by the aggressive typeface found on tuner cars and logos with cut-outs and an almost stencil bold look.

This type can work very well on titles and menu screens and at a pinch on some stats screens providing generous spacing between elements.


A 2020 BASIN production with a sharp aggressive type with pointed vertical strokes.

It works quite well as titles and headings and can be readable in short runs of text with generous vertical spacing.

Can be seen in Danterrifik II.