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I designed this font in 2005 with the unoriginal name Top Heavy Bold. It is re-released here under the name Crews.

It is a very bold font with a strong weight that is focused on the top of the glyph.

It works well for titles, lists, and paragraphs full of descriptive text and prose.


I created this font in 2018 thinking about the old flowing chrome letters of 60s refrigerators. It breaks the horizontal line a little bit to make it more practical.

This font works great for titles and lists but also can work quite well for descriptions and prose too if you want an italic hand that is a bit more regular than many scripts.

Computing 60s

I designed this font back in 2006 in BASIN as a tribute to advertisements for computers in the late 60s and early 70s. Alternative weights were later added but I forget when.

Doubtlessly inspired by the magnetic OCR style fonts, it deviated by replacing the unsightly blobs with bold sections that ran to the nearest edge to give it a smoother feel. The most likely actual typeface used for these ads was probably Countdown.

This font works great for titles and small runs of text, and at a stretch, you can use it even for low-density text adventures.


I designed this font back in 2019 in BASIN to interpret the 1968 font Moore Computer developed by James H. Moore of Typographic House in 1968.

This typeface is a heavily-magnetic “MOCR” font with that distinct dated futuristic feel. It is a little more aggressive than most magnetic fonts in the 8x8 format popular in games.

This font works great for titles and small runs of text, and, at a stretch, you can even use it for low-density text adventures.