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Web Application Security for Developers presentation

Last nights Guernsey Software Developers Forum meeting was sparsely attended with a number of the regulars attendees absent. There were however two new faces including Kezzer who I’d been chatting to on-line for years.

Hopefully the low numbers were down to the seasonal summer holidays and the subsequent knock-on effect that we couldn’t get email out to the BCS Guernsey division to gather sufficient awareness.

I did a short presentation on Web Application Security for Developers that covered HTML injection, SQL injection and cross-site scripting including some live demonstrations on sample code. Slides and sample are available although without audio or screen cast of the demonstrations until I work out how to do that with Keynote.


I’ve come to the conclusion that putting presentations together takes me around 1 hour of preparation to 1 minute of presentation…


Web Application Security presentation in Guernsey

This presentation is now available on-line.

I will be giving a talk about web application security tonight at the Guernsey Software Developers Forum.

Web application security is a very large subject I will only be covering SQL injection, HTML injection/cross-site scripting and input manipulation. If there is enough interest I’ll consider covering other subjects such as session hijacking, defensive programming, hashing etc. in a future talk.

As always the doors are open to everyone opening at 6pm tonight (Wednesday 15 August 2007) at the Guernsey Training Agency above the Post Office in Smith Street.

The talk will last around 30 minutes but the meetings tend to go on to around 7:30pm for those that want to discuss it or other developer topics.


Guernsey Software Developers Forum, June 28th


A number of changes are happening within the Guernsey Developer Users Group!

We have changed the name to the Guernsey Software Developers Forum to better reflect the nature of the events and moved the Guernsey Software Developers Forum web site over to a new location, host and software.

It is also our intention to arrange presentations as often as possible as fewer members were interested in the free-format discussion events.

Next event

The next event will be on Thursday 28th of June 2007 starting at 6pm at the Guernsey Training Agency offices above the post-office in Smith Street, St. Peter Port.

As always the doors are open to everyone so if you have an interest in any of these subjects just turn up and grab a chair. The planned agenda is:


Welcome to the forum, news and announcements.

(6:00 pm)

XP2007 Conference Report

The XP2007 8th International Conference on Agile Process in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming took place this month in Como, Italy.

Filippo Borselli will be sharing what he learnt over the course of this five day event as he attended many of the keynotes, tutorials, workshops and panels on offer.

(30 minutes)

The OGRE 3D Graphics Engine

OGRE is an open source library that makes it easier to render highly detailed virtual worlds in real time using the latest in consumer graphics hardware.

The founder of the project, Steve Streeting, will introduce some basic 3D graphics principles, show what OGRE brings to the table, a quick technical overview and code example, and will end with some sample demos and videos from people around the globe who use it.

(45 minutes)

Questions & Answers

Questions and answers session.

Group Discussion

Open-format discussion between attendees.


Discuss the date for the next event, determine what presentations are possible and what attendees would like to see.

(8:00 pm)


Guernsey mobile plans

Now that Sure and Wave/JT are operating in both islands competition is heating up unless you want 3G in Guernsey because the government awarded the licence to somebody who doesn’t operate whilst refusing a licence to the biggest operator. Way to go.

Basic plans

Wave/JT should be commended for offering the same plan and rates across the islands.

Sure have some balancing to do between island and need to offer a lightweight plan below their basic £20 a month rental in Guernsey. They do offer cheaper rental pricing when taking out an 18 month contract however.

Both operators have a make-your-own-plan scheme available.

Locations Plan Months Price £ Minutes Texts Pictures Data KB
Gsy & Jsy Wave/JT 25/25 12 9.99 25 25
Gsy C&W Islander1 12 10.00 30
Jsy Sure 120 12 12.50 120 60 5
Gsy C&W Roamer 12 15.00 1002 1002
Gsy & Jsy Wave/JT 50/50 12 15.99 50 50
Gsy Sure 100 12 20.00 100 100 10 100
Gsy Sure 100 18 20.00 200 100 10 100
Gsy & Jsy Wave/JT 100/100 12 21.99 100 100
Gsy Sure 150 12 25.00 150 150 15 150
Jsy Sure 360 12 25.00 360 180 15
Gsy Sure 150 18 25.00 300 150 15 150
Gsy & Jsy Wave/JT 250/250 12 33.99 250 250
Gsy Sure 300 12 35.00 300 300 30 300
Gsy Sure 300 18 35.00 600 300 30 300
Gsy & Jsy Wave/JT 500/500 12 49.99 500 500
Gsy Sure 500 12 50.00 500 500 50 500
Jsy Sure 1000 12 50.00 1000 500 50
Gsy Sure 500 18 50.00 1000 500 50 500
Gsy & Jsy Wave/JT 1000/1000 12 69.99 1000 1000
  1. No roaming
  2. Minutes or texts, not both

Voice calls

Measured in £ per minute dependent on destination.

Destination Wave/JT Sure Gsy Sure Jsy
Local same network 0.07 0.10 0.10
Local other network 0.07-0.14 0.15 0.15
National land-line 0.10 0.10 0.10
National mobile 0.20 0.15 0.15
European land-line 0.20 0.20 0.25
European mobile 0.20 0.30 0.30
US & Canada 0.20 0.25 0.25
Rest of the world 0.20 0.75 0.99


Measured in £ per-message independent of destination whilst you are on your home network.

Type Wave/JT Sure Gsy Sure Jsy
Text (non-premium) 0.07 0.10 0.06
Picture 0.20-0.80 0.25-0.30 0.25-0.50

Data packets

Measured in pence per kilobyte (KB).

Type Wave/JT Sure Gsy Sure Jsy
GPRS 0.293 0.100 0.100
3G 0.293 n/a n/a

Video calls

Measured in £ per minute dependent on destination and network.

Destination Wave/JT Sure Gsy Sure Jsy
Same network & island 0.07 n/a n/a
Same network 0.20 n/a n/a
National 0.45 n/a n/a
Same network 0.55 n/a n/a