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State of the broadband, March 2006

Time for an update on the state of broadband in the Channel Islands. Some interesting home tariff cuts on both islands. The Office of Utility Regulation is pushing for further wholesale ADSL cuts in Guernsey. More news as it happens.

Jersey Telecom

Now have usage limits in place on their “Rapid” broadband services with the exception of the top-end business service.

Home (Rapid)

Contention ratio of 50:1 with connection fees starting at £50 without a modem. Other more expensive install options are available but not priced on their web site.

  • 512KB @ £17.99, 20GB limit
  • 1MB @ £24.99, 40GB limit
  • 2MB @ £39.99, 60GB limit

Business (RapidBusiness)

Connection charges are £50 for self-install or £130 for JT visit. Contention of 20:1 and includes a single fixed IP address.

  • 512KB @ £35.99, 40GB limit
  • 1MB @ £49.99, 80GB limit
  • 2MB @ £99.99, unlimited

Newtel Solutions Jersey

Home (XBand)

Prices followed JT’s lead since last update but without JT’s usage limits. The 50:1 contention limit set by JT on the ADSL applies.

  • 512KB @ £16.99 (£16.25 if paid annually)
  • 1MB @ £23.49 (£22.50 if paid annually)
  • 2MB @ £33.99 (£32.50 if paid annually)

Business (XBand Pro)

Some price cuts here, almost the same prices as the old home tarifs. Contention of 40:1. Fixed IP addresses – 5 usable – £8.99 a month on top.

  • 512KB @ £30.99 (£29.75 if paid annually)
  • 1MB @ £42.99 (£41.25 if paid annually)
  • 2MB @ £85.99 (£82.50 if paid annually)

C&W Guernsey


The £49.99 installation fee for “Pay-As-You-Go” is being waived until the end of May 2006. Anytime installation is free. Believed to still be 40:1 contention ratio.

  • 1MB “Anytime” unlimited @ £26.99
  • 1MB “Pay-as-You-Go” @ £19.99-£34.99 (500 mins, 3p per extra min)


These rates that look like JT’s business ADSL prices four years ago. Contention ratio of 20:1.

  • 1MB @ £89.99
  • 2MB @ £149.99

Newtel Solutions Guernsey/Guernsey.Net

Home (XBand)

Price drop takes effect from today. Free connection and D-Link 200 modem. Single IP address available for extra £15 a month.

  • 1MB @ £21.99 (£20.50 if paid annually)

Business (XBand)

Despite evidence that the wholesale price of the 2MB ADSL is £73.99 Newtel seems to be following C&W’s out-of-date pricing model for business.

Very strange when you consider their margin on 1MB home must be around £4.50.

Connections start at £49.99 a month without router/modem. No indication of contention ratios.

  • 1MB @ £85.00 (£81.00 if paid annually)
  • 2MB @ £145.00 (£139.00 if paid annually)

British Telecom

Just for comparison I’ll include BT’s current pricing. True bandwidth costs more to the UK but then we also don’t have VAT…

Home (Broadband)

  • to 2MB @ £14.99, 2GB limit
  • to 2MB @ £20.99, 6GB limit
  • to 2MB @ £25.99, 20GB limit
  • to 2MB @ £29.99, 40GB limit

Business (Business Broadband)

  • to 2MB “Single” @ £29.99, unlimited (Free connection & router)
  • to 2MB “Share” @ £45.00, unlimited (Free WiFi router)
  • to 2MB “Network” @ £65.00, unlimited (Free connection & WiFi router)

Bulldog (C&W UK)

May as well look at C&W’s UK service offerings. Note that the 8MB is only available if you’re right next to an exchange and indeed Wanadoo have been slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority over their 8MB claims.


  • to 8MB “Pay-As-You-Go” @ 1p-3p minute
  • to 8MB “Anytime” @ £9.75, 1GB limit
  • to 8MB “Unlimited” @ £19.50


  • to 8MB “Small Business” @ £25.50, 1 IP address, 40:1 contention, £60 connection

All the prices are per-month in GBP and do not include the additional monthly charge for a phone line.


Newtel Guernsey DSL price drop on Monday

Newtel are dropping the price of their Guernsey 1MB unlimited service to £21.99 a month as from this coming Monday.

This compares very favorably with C&W’s £19.99 a month Pay As You Go and £26.99 Anytime unlimited services.

Also bear in mind that C&W’s £19.99 a month deal is for 500 minutes a month before you have to pay 3p a minute until your monthly charge hits £34.99. It also costs £49.99 for a connection.

They are also offering fixed IP on top of that for an extra £15 a month meaning a 1MB fixed IP service can be had for an attractive £36.99 a month.


Channel Islands to dump UK mail order hosting?

There exists a provision, some people mistakenly refer to as a “loophole”, in EU tax laws that allows goods under £18 to be imported tax-free from outside the EU.

Guernsey and Jersey are outside the EU and have no GST/VAT/sales/goods tax of their own and as such the islands have become prime locations for low-value mail order operations.

In Guernsey MX2, HealthSpan, 7DayShop and a number of flower shops have jumped in. Jersey has seen local business Play, BlahDVD and the like.

The large UK retail stores, keen to take advantage of the situation, arrived in Jersey with Amazon Jersey, Tesco Jersey, Asda and even Woolworth basing their mail order centers there.

But now the islands are “under fire” from the UK government that believes its loosing a large amount of tax, in fact £80 million a year according to them.

To be loosing £80m in tax somebody has to be making sales worth £6.6 billion. If we assume an average price of £10 that’s 660 million items a year. Lets get real here, the industry isn’t that big.

They also mistakenly believe that somebody spending £50 a month on VAT-free goods will now spend an extra 17.5% when in fact they’ll spend the same or less on fewer items. Governments and bodies like the MPAA and the RIAA always assume that you’re cheating them if their income ever drops – I guess they think everybody has an infinite amount of expendable money.

So Jersey has decided to withdraw the UK chains license’s next year and Guernsey has already warned the businesses they won’t be welcome here either.

The rationale is that they are looking after local businesses which is kind of true. If the UK government get irked enough about the situation they’ll change the laws and we’ll all be out of luck. Maybe closing the door to UK retailers will work, or maybe they’ll retaliate and claim they can’t compete with offshore sales and push for the laws to be changed.

I guess Apple is out of luck with their offshore iTunes idea. Well they decided they didn’t want us using their online Apple Store…

I guess what goes around comes around.


Shopping for DVD’s

I’ve decided to fill in some gaps in my DVD collection and was quite interested to know what the current best deals were so filled up my baskets at various stores. All prices are quoted in £ sterling and were correct at time of writing.

Title Blah Amazon SendIt (dead) Play Bensons HMV Popcorn (dead)
Kill Bill 1 & 2 1 11.99 12.97 14.78 14.99 15.79 14.99 13.75
Knight Rider Series 2 23.99 20.97 29.99 22.99 24.99 34.99 27.75
BMX Bandits 5.99 6.97 7.99 5.99 8.49 9.99 7.29
A-Team Series 1 14.99 15.97 15.99 14.99 16.99 15.99 27.45
Remo: Unarmed & Dangerous 9.99 4.97 9.99 9.99 10.49 4.99 9.15
No Retreat, No Surrender 4.99 4.97 4.99 4.99 5.99 3.99 4.85
Insomnia 5.99 6.97 5.49 6.99 15.79 7.99 13.45
Memento (3 disc)2 8.99 24.99 7.49 17.99 10.29 24.99 16.85
Corpse Bride 11.99 10.99 11.99 11.99 13.49 11.99 12.25
JFK (Directors Cut 2 disc) 7.99 8.97 7.99 14.99 9.99 7.99 13.45
Brazil 5.99 5.97 11.99 5.99 7.49 9.99 10.97
Adjusted for Channel Islands 3.57 18.85 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Obviously the best deal is to order individual items from wherever they are cheapest. Amazon only include free postage if you order enough items so bear that in mind.

Nice to see both Amazon and BlahDVD offering discounts for Channel Islanders being that we don’t pay VAT :)

I didn’t include; Amazon Jersey, Loaded 247, FrontRowDVD, DVD World or DVD Source as they didn’t have all the titles available.

Based on a previous comment left here I would like to point out I receive no kickback whatsoever from any of these companies except for a few cents as an Amazon affiliate. For those listed above I have been a customer of all except Popcorn and have done technical consultancy in the past for BlahDVD which means I know a couple of the guys there.

1 Available individually and in a double-pack. Included whatever was cheapest at each supplier.

2 Seems to be a cheaper set out soon but not available until next month. Would drop the expensive suppliers down considerably.