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This is a recent attempt to take a hand-flowing form and make it look elegant and precise - as if it was written by a scribe. (The font I previously called Scribe was renamed to Parchment as it’s far too haphazard for such a name).

This font is a 2020 creation and works surprisingly well in titles, prose and indeed lists. It would work very well for a historical text adventure and shines on old CRT displays or emulators with CRT effects.

Bold, condensed, and smaller-lowercase versions were subsequently added, and then inspiration arrived for two further variations - an ‘Eire’ Irish inspired version and a ‘Hylean’ one taking cues from a Legend of Zelda Manga.


Another one that started in 2019 that took some time to polish-off for release. The challenge here was to try and get a very clean looking flowing hand-written type. I’d already had a go with the hand-written style in Forgotten and a flowing type in Coolant but not both together. It’s especially challenging in a mono-space font because joining the characters is important and you don’t want long horizontal strokes creating ‘dashes’ between letters.

I think it came out quite well. It’s readable (at least on LCD screens, I have yet to try it on a CRT) and can even work for text adventures if your audience can read “cursive” (most people interested in text-adventures are old enough to be able to read/write it I suspect but it’s probably not a bad idea to let them toggle to something simpler).

ZX Ramona

I created this font in 2005 as my take on an existing bitmap font by legendary designer Susan Kare (of MacOS, Chicago, etc.) called Ramona.

When I first published this in 2019 Susan’s Ramona was not online with the only references pointing to a book called “Indie Fonts 2”, which shows a few of the letters in this style. Alas, the font is also not listed as being included on the CD that accompanied the book.

Since then the typeface has turned up on a number of dubious download sites which has given me a chance to see where each letter ended and revise a number of the glyphs and widths. If you have a proportional renderer then the ‘Closer’ variant might work better for you.

This reinterpretation works well when any flowing text is required, such as adventure games or even character speed bubbles.


Uncial is a style of lettering used between the 4th to 8th century by Latin and Greek scribes. You can imagine this 2006 BASIN production had its work cut-out (and a typo meant it was called Unical).

It has an old hand feel to it but not in the soft geometric way that many a Zenobi text adventure has. It’s very angular, with small capitals taking the place of the odd lower case.

While the text is quite readable and works well for titles, the small-caps lower-case can make large bodies of text difficult to scan - even if individual letters are easy to identify.

Can be seen in Knights & Chalices and Booty: The Remake.