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Firefox cool extensions: Sync, & microformats

These Firefox extensions just keep getting more innovative and useful. Here’s the latest additions to my ever-growing Firefox arsenal.

Google Browser Sync

If, like me, you find yourself wondering what the URL was of that site you visited/bookmarked on your other machine/os/virtual machine then this extension is for you. You can choose to sync bookmarks, history, cookies and passwords (if you really want – they are encrypted) across your copies of Firefox. Great for us MacBook owners using Boot Camp and Firefox :) . Extension

Social networking is all the rage at the moment and an easy way to get in is to start using to manage your bookmarks – well at least the ones you don’t mind other people knowing about. You can tag bookmarks and also let know who your friends are. By doing this you should discover great bookmarks you didn’t know about. This is all very well but unless it’s just a click or two away nobody will bother and so in comes the Extension for Firefox.

Tails and microformats

Microformats are something on the horizon that should take off in a big way. Basically they are small useful nuggets of recordable information that are often embedded in web pages. Examples include contact details, calendar events, etc. It’s early days yet although even Mr Gates sees the value in microformats and proposals for other microformat such as driving instructions are under way. In the mean time grab hold of a copy of Tails and see what the fuss is about.


Great Windows, Firefox and Web finds

Getting a new machine often spurs me to go out and find some new tools and utilities. Here’s some recent finds:


DiskMon – see disk activity

One of the great tools from SysInternals that provides low level disk i/o information but more importantly can minimize to the system tray and provide you with a disk activity in the absence of an LED.

John’s Background Switcher – brighten your desktop

Another desktop wallpaper changer but this one can head off to Flickr to grab the images. As Flickr contains photos of just about anything you might want to specify a couple of tags to get the sort of things you like. GrinGod suggests HDR as a good starting tag and I’m inclined to agree.


Gmail Manager – don’t miss a message

This Firefox extension is essential if you want to use Gmail as your primary system. It provides the ability to switch between accounts as well as putting an unread count in the status bar and fixing all the mailto: links to head to Gmail compose. It can also pop up Outlook style new mail notifications trumping a sound of your choice if your co-workers don’t mind your laptop making odd sounds throughout the day.

Adblock Filterset.G Updater – keep ads at bay

Adblock is an essential tool to keep the distracting annoying advertisement pollution at bay. Setting up the rules however can be a boring and long affair but Filterset.G Updater will do that for you by downing a master list off the net. Nice.

Web sites


I’ve been looking for an on-line news reader for some time and have been generally unimpressed with Google’s offering. Bloglines didn’t appeal to me but Rojo however looks pretty cool. Create an account, find the blogs you want (it knows about many of them already), tag them into categories if you like and off you go.

You can also Add Mojo to blog posts to get them noticed by others and tag individual stories if you like. The interface is pretty clear and easy to use and very Ajax.


I’ve actually known about this for some time but never got round to mentioning it here. Pandora is like a personalized radio station – you tell it the names of a few bands you like and it uses it’s human-crafted database of artist techniques/styles/traits to build you a radio station of like music. At any point you can say you don’t want any more from this band or add additional artists in and the station will Intelligently adjust again.


State of the broadband, March 2006

Time for an update on the state of broadband in the Channel Islands. Some interesting home tariff cuts on both islands. The Office of Utility Regulation is pushing for further wholesale ADSL cuts in Guernsey. More news as it happens.

Jersey Telecom

Now have usage limits in place on their “Rapid” broadband services with the exception of the top-end business service.

Home (Rapid)

Contention ratio of 50:1 with connection fees starting at £50 without a modem. Other more expensive install options are available but not priced on their web site.

  • 512KB @ £17.99, 20GB limit
  • 1MB @ £24.99, 40GB limit
  • 2MB @ £39.99, 60GB limit

Business (RapidBusiness)

Connection charges are £50 for self-install or £130 for JT visit. Contention of 20:1 and includes a single fixed IP address.

  • 512KB @ £35.99, 40GB limit
  • 1MB @ £49.99, 80GB limit
  • 2MB @ £99.99, unlimited

Newtel Solutions Jersey

Home (XBand)

Prices followed JT’s lead since last update but without JT’s usage limits. The 50:1 contention limit set by JT on the ADSL applies.

  • 512KB @ £16.99 (£16.25 if paid annually)
  • 1MB @ £23.49 (£22.50 if paid annually)
  • 2MB @ £33.99 (£32.50 if paid annually)

Business (XBand Pro)

Some price cuts here, almost the same prices as the old home tarifs. Contention of 40:1. Fixed IP addresses – 5 usable – £8.99 a month on top.

  • 512KB @ £30.99 (£29.75 if paid annually)
  • 1MB @ £42.99 (£41.25 if paid annually)
  • 2MB @ £85.99 (£82.50 if paid annually)

C&W Guernsey


The £49.99 installation fee for “Pay-As-You-Go” is being waived until the end of May 2006. Anytime installation is free. Believed to still be 40:1 contention ratio.

  • 1MB “Anytime” unlimited @ £26.99
  • 1MB “Pay-as-You-Go” @ £19.99-£34.99 (500 mins, 3p per extra min)


These rates that look like JT’s business ADSL prices four years ago. Contention ratio of 20:1.

  • 1MB @ £89.99
  • 2MB @ £149.99

Newtel Solutions Guernsey/Guernsey.Net

Home (XBand)

Price drop takes effect from today. Free connection and D-Link 200 modem. Single IP address available for extra £15 a month.

  • 1MB @ £21.99 (£20.50 if paid annually)

Business (XBand)

Despite evidence that the wholesale price of the 2MB ADSL is £73.99 Newtel seems to be following C&W’s out-of-date pricing model for business.

Very strange when you consider their margin on 1MB home must be around £4.50.

Connections start at £49.99 a month without router/modem. No indication of contention ratios.

  • 1MB @ £85.00 (£81.00 if paid annually)
  • 2MB @ £145.00 (£139.00 if paid annually)

British Telecom

Just for comparison I’ll include BT’s current pricing. True bandwidth costs more to the UK but then we also don’t have VAT…

Home (Broadband)

  • to 2MB @ £14.99, 2GB limit
  • to 2MB @ £20.99, 6GB limit
  • to 2MB @ £25.99, 20GB limit
  • to 2MB @ £29.99, 40GB limit

Business (Business Broadband)

  • to 2MB “Single” @ £29.99, unlimited (Free connection & router)
  • to 2MB “Share” @ £45.00, unlimited (Free WiFi router)
  • to 2MB “Network” @ £65.00, unlimited (Free connection & WiFi router)

Bulldog (C&W UK)

May as well look at C&W’s UK service offerings. Note that the 8MB is only available if you’re right next to an exchange and indeed Wanadoo have been slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority over their 8MB claims.


  • to 8MB “Pay-As-You-Go” @ 1p-3p minute
  • to 8MB “Anytime” @ £9.75, 1GB limit
  • to 8MB “Unlimited” @ £19.50


  • to 8MB “Small Business” @ £25.50, 1 IP address, 40:1 contention, £60 connection

All the prices are per-month in GBP and do not include the additional monthly charge for a phone line.


Newtel Guernsey DSL price drop on Monday

Newtel are dropping the price of their Guernsey 1MB unlimited service to £21.99 a month as from this coming Monday.

This compares very favorably with C&W’s £19.99 a month Pay As You Go and £26.99 Anytime unlimited services.

Also bear in mind that C&W’s £19.99 a month deal is for 500 minutes a month before you have to pay 3p a minute until your monthly charge hits £34.99. It also costs £49.99 for a connection.

They are also offering fixed IP on top of that for an extra £15 a month meaning a 1MB fixed IP service can be had for an attractive £36.99 a month.