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Jordan Mechner’s phenomenal ground-breaking Prince of Persia needs no introduction. Even if you weren’t around for the original, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about it or played one of the many more-modern remakes and sequels.

Rensoup has been porting Prince of Persia to the humble Atari 8-bit using the BBC Master port as the basis, and it’s looking quite incredible, and he reached out to me about a custom font for a little more polish.

The font takes some ideas from Polaris but embellishes them with typographical elements from the typography that adorn the original box.

Hopefully, the game adopts this font, but as-yet, there are no public builds with it, so we shall see.


Slab-serif fonts are my favorite family of fonts. From the incredibly gorgeous Guardian Egyptian to Rockwell and so many other slabs.

You could argue with 8 pixels across and 8 up that any slab look is going to be lost or you could argue that almost ever serif font created in this size is a slab because we don’t have enough detail to a traditional serif. I wouldn’t argue with you either way.

So why another serif? Well, this one - loosely based on Rockwell - is wider and more rounded than ZX Courier and Envious Serif giving it more flavor but feels less cramped than Mutual and less stylised than Plato. As always use the screenshot simulator to compare and find the font that works best for your game!


A 2020 exploration into old-style hand-scripts such as you’d find in Lord of the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons.

Not based on any specific script but rather an amalgamation of styles then smoothed out to create one of its own. The capitals are broad and short (much like a halfling or Hobbit) and have some Uncial feel yet with sharper Dwarven-inspired angles. The lower-case letters flow, borrowing a little from Elvish.

It works quite well for the obligatory titles, status and menu screens, especially for medieval or fantasy games. Longer prose may work for your audience too.


In April 2020 an individual behind the Phantasy Star retranslation project named Maxim reached out to see what could be done about the boring font in the Sega Master System game.

The brief was futuristic but old which were quite at odds with each other so I took a few cues from the Phantasy Star title screen and went with an angular theme that still spouted plenty of chunky serif flair.

This font works surprisingly well for blocks of text, titles and headings.

Can be seen in Phantasy Star English Retranslation, and The Nightland.