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Serif fonts have often been challenging in 8x8, and I’m always trying to see if I can do something new.

I love the font Palatino, and Trajan has a certain charm too - despite Hollywood overusing it.

Taking a few cues from both, I came up with a serif that’s a little different from the others with open counters, long tails, and subtle angles that hardly does the source material justice but still looks authoritative within the constraints.


A 2019 creation designed in BASIN for anything wanting a clean flowing italic font.

Unusually this font includes both serif and sans-serif in italic forms. Italics have long given me trouble and a serif italic was a challenge but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Both serif and sans-serif are highly readable for titles and long runs of text and the serif bold is a useful addition. Being able to switch between them in a text adventure - one for descriptions and another for dialog perhaps - would be cool!


I designed this font in 2019 as a bold italic serif which is a tricky combination given the 8x8 limitation.

It came out quite well and is a relaxed, formal type that works well for a story-driven narrative.

Envious Serif

I created this font in 2018 as a variation of Envious that featured serifs as an attempt to fill some of the extra white-space and provide a complimentary serif for games that wanted to mix the formal and informal.

This font is still quite readable for a serif on-screen font although the vertical can feel quite tight for large blocks of text.