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Remote denial of present (DoP) attack via Amazon wishlist

I placed eleven items this year into my Amazon wish-list for my family and girlfriend to pick from and all were quickly purchased.

A few days later my mother asks if I can put some items to buy because after purchasing one or two the others have now gone.

My brothers don’t have debit cards, my sisters have limited net access my girlfriend claims she hasn’t brought them and nobody else knows about it.

Either I’ve got a secret Santa fulfilling my every Amazon wish or… somebody is executing a remote denial of present attack upon my Christmas!

How it works is simple.

  1. Find the Amazon wish-list of the target
  2. Buy items from the wish-list but ship to your own address
  3. Enjoy the items yourself
  4. Rejoice in knowing the target is deprived of the item now that Amazon believes he will get it

It’s pretty evil.

The only way I can see that Amazon would be able to prevent this attack is to either let you pre-select other Amazon accounts that are able to use your wish-list or to be able to see who brought what.

Ho-ho hum,


Shopping for DVD’s

I’ve decided to fill in some gaps in my DVD collection and was quite interested to know what the current best deals were so filled up my baskets at various stores. All prices are quoted in £ sterling and were correct at time of writing.

Title Blah Amazon SendIt (dead) Play Bensons HMV Popcorn (dead)
Kill Bill 1 & 2 1 11.99 12.97 14.78 14.99 15.79 14.99 13.75
Knight Rider Series 2 23.99 20.97 29.99 22.99 24.99 34.99 27.75
BMX Bandits 5.99 6.97 7.99 5.99 8.49 9.99 7.29
A-Team Series 1 14.99 15.97 15.99 14.99 16.99 15.99 27.45
Remo: Unarmed & Dangerous 9.99 4.97 9.99 9.99 10.49 4.99 9.15
No Retreat, No Surrender 4.99 4.97 4.99 4.99 5.99 3.99 4.85
Insomnia 5.99 6.97 5.49 6.99 15.79 7.99 13.45
Memento (3 disc)2 8.99 24.99 7.49 17.99 10.29 24.99 16.85
Corpse Bride 11.99 10.99 11.99 11.99 13.49 11.99 12.25
JFK (Directors Cut 2 disc) 7.99 8.97 7.99 14.99 9.99 7.99 13.45
Brazil 5.99 5.97 11.99 5.99 7.49 9.99 10.97
Adjusted for Channel Islands 3.57 18.85 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Obviously the best deal is to order individual items from wherever they are cheapest. Amazon only include free postage if you order enough items so bear that in mind.

Nice to see both Amazon and BlahDVD offering discounts for Channel Islanders being that we don’t pay VAT :)

I didn’t include; Amazon Jersey, Loaded 247, FrontRowDVD, DVD World or DVD Source as they didn’t have all the titles available.

Based on a previous comment left here I would like to point out I receive no kickback whatsoever from any of these companies except for a few cents as an Amazon affiliate. For those listed above I have been a customer of all except Popcorn and have done technical consultancy in the past for BlahDVD which means I know a couple of the guys there.

1 Available individually and in a double-pack. Included whatever was cheapest at each supplier.

2 Seems to be a cheaper set out soon but not available until next month. Would drop the expensive suppliers down considerably.


Reflections, Christmas 2004

Christmas came and went and now once again the end of year looms menacingly just a day away.

My Amazon wish-list saved me from the tedious “What do you want?” “I don’t know” exchanges that seem to plague this time of year. I had a similar experience with a rather gorgeous Swiss woman before eventually surprising her with a lovely piece of original artwork depicting a sailing yacht. She also became the first person I’ve subjected to my Christmas family dinner which actually turned out rather well.

I decided to purchase my mother a new PC this year too, the previous AMD system having died from a combination of abuses. They were dying to get back on-line so I brought them a Shuttle SB65G2 from the good folks at Aria who shipped it quickly to Guernsey (VAT free). Loaded up with XP2, Firefox and Thunderbird it will hopefully last a little longer. The main problem with building PC’s of course is explaining to people why Word and Excel aren’t installed and that short of paying £300 they won’t be getting them.. or they could plump for just Word at £72 as part of the Works bundle or try OpenOffice for free.

And back onto Amazon… why is it that after rating some 228 DVDs, books and CDs it still suggests crap like Van Helsing, Garfield and The Haunted Mansion. Either a) There are no more DVDs I’d like left to buy b) People can’t be predicted with an algorithm or c) Amazon likes to put rubbish in with real statistical data in an attempt to shift it.

Have a great new year,