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Everyone has some significant inspirations in their life that leak through and Shadow of the Beast (2 specifically) was one of mine. Seeing that gorgeous artwork and the music that changed depending where you were (I still hum it today) really changed my opinion of what computers could do.

I’ve tackled some of the style before with Razor inspired more by the Psygnosis logo and Roger Dean logo but this type is more inspired by the artwork in the game. The game itself actually does have quite a nice font but it’s quite different from this - perhaps I’ll figure out a way of getting all those up online somewhere at a later date.

The all-caps works very well as special attention was given to keeping the M and W from touching other characters and the lowercase is still quite readable and would work in a other-worldly low-tech scenario.


I must have encountered the joy of Synthwave music a year or two ago and it’s quite heavily dominated what I listen to each day as I code.

Spotify’s constant stream of neon-infused album covers glowing on my face dominated by pink and blue, rain and reflections have definitely left a mark and this is my second attempt at a reflective font. This one took quite a different path with high contrast vertical strokes on one side and the darker part on the top.

It’s not bad for titles and a few sentences. Avoid lists and large blocks of prose.


Stepper motors are fascinating devices and not just because they control floppy drives. Anyhow here’s a 2020 BASIN production that has lots of steps all over the angles on a font.

It is available in a regular and a bold weight and has a variant where some pixels have been cut out of the joins like some kind of agressive ink trap.


An early 2020 effort that went through a few iterations having been originally inspired by the open contours of the Xenon II logo from the legendary game by The Bitmap Brothers.

The font looks pretty great on an LCD and is readable for titles and lists but is a stretch for long runs of text. I’m interested to know how it looks on a CRT - it could either blur enough that the open counters just look light or it could become an unreadable mess. It probably depends very much on the quality of the CRT and the connection (RGB should be okay, composite probably not). The yellow/cyan fringing on the Spectrum could play real havock with this one.

The darker “full” variant has more weight to it and might work better in some fuzzy environments.