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ZX Maverick

I ran into the FF Maverick on signage at Science World in Vancouver and had to take a snap to later identify.

In 2019 I had a go at doing an 8x8 pixel version but it required a fair bit of back and forth until I found something I feel captured the spirit of the original.

This typeface despite having plenty of flair on the capitals and numerics is quite easy to read thanks to the more restrained lower-case glyphs. It works well in all scenarios where you want a modern-looking bold font.

ZX Peignot

Introduced in 1937 Peignot (pronounced Pen-yoe) is a classic font with a distinctive lower-case that consists of mostly restyled capitals. It saw some revival in the 70s and on various TV shows through the 80s and 90s including the first three seasons of Seinfeld.

I created this font in 2019 in BASIN as an adaptation and it fits surprisingly well.

This font works great in a variety of scenarios but certainly exudes a classical French style.


Trouble is a recent 2019 design the blends the bottom-heavy style of Beachball and friendliness with some of the punch and angularity of Vertigo for something less chaotic and still fun.

The font works exceptionally well on lists and titles screens yet is still a good read for dialog despite the thickness.

ZX Chicago

Susan Kare’s iconic Chicago shipped with the original Apple Macintosh in 1984 and was the standard system font until MacOS8 replaced it with the TrueType Charcoal look-alike. It did receive a dust-off in 2001 to become the primary font on the newly launched iPod range.

I created this font around 1990 using Artist II on a Spectrum +3. Chicago wasn’t quite so iconic back then and the real challenge was trying to get a 12-pixel high proportional font into an 8x8. (MacOS has a 9pt ‘Chicago’ that is devoid of the distinctive bold flair). To keep the tall narrow style I reduced the width of some characters but then created a more relaxed ‘wide’ variant too.

It achieves the job of looking like Chicago while not being too similar at a pixel level. It’s the feel of the 12-point using some of the style from the 10-point. I’d think this is what the 9pt should have looked like with some tweaks for mono-space and low-res readability.

The FZX version has been made 10 pixels high to allow descenders to work correctly while making the alpha a bit taller. Many of the symbols that are not bold on the Mac have been un-bolded in the FZX version given they no longer need to try and fill 7 of the 8-pixel width.

This font works well for titles and large blocks of text although could benefit from a proportional renderer.