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ZX Baveuse

A fresh in 2021 production of the Baveuse font by prolific type designer Raymond Larabie and is probably most well known as being the typeface used in the animated TV show Archer.

I’d actually done a handful of heavily-weighted top and bottom fonts (see the consider section to the side) but although Clipper was probably the closest it was actually quite far away from this design in terms of look and feel.

The upper-case and lower-case are often the same in a bunch of characters but sometimes the vertical weight is a little less on the lower case. I’ve also had to deviate from the original in a few places like the G in order to be able to squeeze something usable out of the limited pixel grid.

I think it works well for all kinds of scenarios and prose is definitely easy to read even though the alphabet is a mix of upper and lower-case glyphs.


I’d played around with doing a heavier bubblier version of Beachball that didn’t come out how I wanted so when I spotted an Amiga Demo by the group Anarchy featuring a bubbly heavy weighted text I was hooked.

Originally this started as a blanket copy but their font was a mix of upper and lower case letters. I positioned the upper-styled and lower-styled ones to their rightful positions and then designed glyphs to fill the gaps. Given that I think this font has merit but can’t be considered an original creation as it takes ~36 characters as-is from the Igor of Anarchy’s original 1990 design.

This font looks great in a variety of scenarios but at a minimum needs an extra 1 vertical line between rows of text. You can even mix the upper and lower case to great effect.

I later created a shorter version of this font which still retains most of the feel but eliminates the need for a custom renderer and provides the necessary line to breathe itself.