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This is a much more recent attempt to take a hand flowing form and make it look far more elegant and precise… a lot more as if it was written by a Scribe. (The font I previously called Scribe is now called Parchment as it’s far too haphazard for such a name).

This font is a 2020 creation and works surprisingly well in titles, prose and indeed lists. It would work very well for a historical text adventure and should shine on old CRT displays or emulators with CRT effects. Bold, condensed and smaller lowercase were added later and then some inspiration hit from two further variations - an ‘Eire’ Irish inspired version and a ‘Hylean’ one taking cues from a Legend of Zelda Manga.


Formula 1 is a fantastic exhilarating sport and I was very much a fan in my youth. Seeing the Formula 1 docudrama on Netflix with my kids got us into it again and I very much appreciated their latest logo and typeface.

As always whether I could do this justice in an 8x8 is the challenge. Given that I already have Orbiter and Submerged as very open wide rounded-corner typefaces whether it would be unique another was another concern. It’s quite a subtle shift between the two but the extra curves and that distinctive lower-case “a” make it almost worth it but when combined with a bunch of weights and widths it makes for a distinctive set when you need some variance.

It works well for titles, lists, and info screens. Large blocks of prose can be difficult to read without fine-tuning the spacing with a custom renderer or using one of the narrower widths.

ZX Monaco

Susan Kare defined the look of the Mac with her monochrome icons and set of bitmap fonts. While the Mac moved on Monaco remained a hit with developers and it evolved into a scalable TrueType version with embedded original bitmaps with the help of Kris Holmes. Apple later toyed briefly with Deja Vu mono creating a tweaked version called Menlo before going all-in with SF Mono but Monaco had a good run.

I’m not sure when I created the Spectrum version of Monaco 9pt - it’s been on my drive for quite some time. As it is very very consistent with the original I’ve even debated whether to have this and some of the other similar ones here. I’ll probably move these almost pixel-for-pixel “ports” over to a different label in the future and keep ZX Origins for my own creations and interpretations.

This font works well for titles and large blocks of text and is very pleasing to read.


I started these fonts in 2018 as very separate creations with different names. As I refined a couple of them they started to fit better together and I eventually decided to unify them into a single set.

This font works great everywhere you want generous spacing and would look even more awesome with a proportional renderer.