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Humane theme for TextMate and Xcode

My Humane theme for Visual Studio is getting a fair bit of traffic today courtesy of Scott Hanselman. Given I have been messing with Mac development lately I thought it was worth porting to TextMate and Xcode 3.

Panic Sans coding font

My Envy Code R programming font isn’t great on the Mac yet so I have configured these to use the excellent but overlooked Panic Sans in 12 point which unlike Monaco is available in bold, italic and bold italic variants. (I love my comments to be italics)

To install this font you must:

  1. Download Panic Software’s Coda application
  2. Navigate to the Coda application and choose Show Package Contents
  3. Navigate to the Contents/Resources folder
  4. Double click on the Panic Sans.dfont and press Install Font
  5. Panic Sans is now available to other applications too


Screenshot of the Humane Theme and Panic Sans 12 point inside TextMate

Download Humane theme for TextMate (5 KB)

Launching the downloaded .tmTheme file will cause it to copy to ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Themes

Select Humane from the Preferences > Fonts & Colors pane in the drop-down list box

Xcode 3

Screenshot of the Humane Theme and Panic Sans 12 point inside Xcode 3

Download Humane theme for Xcode (4 KB)

  1. Copy to ~/Library/Application Support/Xcode/Color Themes
  2. Select Humane from the Preferences > Fonts & Colors pane in the drop-down list box

Porting themes

Until somebody comes up with an IDE-independent theme format or cool converter we’ll have to do it by hand. The easiest way I have found is:

  1. Install Hex Color Picker on the Mac to allow entering hex into the standard color picker
  2. Open the Visual Studio theme .vssettings file in a text editor
  3. Open up the Fonts & Colors preferences pane up in your Mac IDE
  4. Go through each one and choose the nearest match in the .vssettings
  5. Transcribe each color by reading the VS color pairs backward, e.g. 00631409 becomes #091463


Getting the hint (Where is Envy Code R?)

I know, I said there would be a good chance that the next version of Envy Code R would be out this weekend but the annoying sizing, thickness and cropping issues that came up at some sizes above and below the optimum 10 point were really annoying me.

Many articles later, some playing around with Microsoft Visual TrueType and much frustration and experimentation later I think I’m on the right path.

Here is how Envy Code R is looking on Windows right now with standard font smoothing.

Envy Code R hinted on Windows with standard font smoothing at various sizes

ClearType doesn’t look as good and I’m still learning the black art and the implications of each type of hinting instruction.

Strangely, these hints seem to be ignored on the Mac which is still rendering everything a little too thick especially on curves. Perhaps that is why so many developers create a Mac-specific version?

Once I’m happy with how the regular version works I’ll put it online for download and then whip the bold and italic variants in to shape and any feedback into regular for the proper 0.7 release.

A newer version of Envy Code R is available.


Envy Code R coding font v0.7 preview

Envy Code R font preview #7 highlighting some of the characters in a chartThe next version of my Envy Code R font especially designed for programming (monospaced, easily distinguishable characters) is nearing completion and represents a very response-driven update to feedback, specifically:

  • ReadOnly, Greg Jandl: Comma clarified and change applied to full quotation marks, semi-colons and various accented letters
  • Adrian Bool, Greg Jandl: The slash on the zero has been redrawn to be less heavy
  • jxp: The Euro symbol has been redrawn from scratch
  • Aristotle Pagaltzis: Braces are more curvy and a full set of box-drawing characters have been added
  • IRC: Hash sign with longer legs

I have also fleshed out a number of additional symbols and accented letters that has seen the number of code pages supported increase to 12 pages and made a large number of tweaks to the italic version which was a last-minute addition to 0.6 (PR6) and had a number of errors especially round the accented letters.

Of course what you really want to know is how the new version looks in Visual Studio with that lovely Humane theme of mine:

Envy Code R font at 10 point in Visual Studio 2008 with my Humane theme

There is still some work to do on the sizes above and below 10 point (again) as well as fleshing out a few more symbols, letters and italicizing additional letters such as a curly k and rounder e which I hope will be finished towards the end of this week.

The observant followers may have noticed a pixel has been shaved off the vertical height which now brings it in line with the bitmapped Envy Code B coding font. I had intended on making the change for some time and the box characters practically demanded it to ensure the centers were whole pixels and not off-center but some people may not like it…

A newer version of Envy Code R is available.


Droid font family courtesy of Google & Ascender

Google’s Android project, an open platform for mobile devices, has been hitting the news a lot in the last couple of days with it’s open APIs, Java-based development platform and optimized virtual machine.

One thing not too many people have yet been raving over is the lovely set of typefaces from Ascender Fonts known as the Droid family.

Hidden away into the downloadable SDK’s emulator is system.img which contains various binary files including these new fonts. Being that the image is almost certainly in Linux ext format and I found no easy way of mounting it in Mac OS X or Windows I was rather pleased when I stumbled upon Beeno’s page of the extracted files.

I have already covered Droid Sans Mono with an eye for using it for programming but thought it would be worth showing the other members of the family although I haven’t drawn direct comparisons with the Mac and Windows supplied fonts as I did with Red Hat’s Liberation fonts.

Updated October 2011 from Ice Cream Sandwich SDK!

Download Droid Font Family (ZIP of TTF) (1.9 MB)

Droid fonts in Windows XP via WordPad

Screen shot of the Droid fonts in Windows XP via WordPad.

Droid fonts in Mac OS X 10.5 via TextEdit

Screen shot of the Droid fonts in Mac OS X 10.5 via TextEdit.