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A 2020-2021 production that started off as a CRT-specific font with exaggerated corners that would blur to provide some weight to them.

Given the limited application for CRT-specific fonts I added some distressing to the strokes and ends to give it more of a universal LCD-friendly aspect to it while also giving it a bit more flavor.

It works quite well for paragraphs and blocks of text and should work well in a text adventure.


Everyone has inspirations in their life that shape their idea of art, and Shadow of the Beast (2 specifically) was one of mine. Seeing that gorgeous artwork and the music that dynamically changed as you progressed through the area changed my opinion of what computers could do.

I’ve tackled some of the styles before with Razor inspired more by the Psygnosis logo and Roger Dean logo, but this type is more inspired by the artwork in the game. The game itself does have a nice font, but it’s quite different from this - perhaps I’ll figure out a way of getting all those up online somewhere at a later date.

The small caps work well as special attention was given to keeping the M and W from touching other characters, and the lowercase is still quite readable and would work in an other-worldly low-tech scenario.


So back in 2006 I created First Pass as a messy font that I would refine into a second pass but couldn’t pull it off. Here I am in 2020 and I tried the experiment again from scratch this time drawing with the mouse in a single pass and then just moving a couple of pixels if needed.

The result is quite a pleasing hand-drawn font

Created in 2006 for BASIN with the goal of what drawing a font would be like if you hand-drew it and didn’t perform any clean-up.

The name First Pass encompasses this concept and I did give myself a few goes at each character. The result is something chaotic and messy and my idea of doing a “Second Pass” to clean up a few pixels just never happened.

You could use this for text or titles although it’s very messy and probably my least favorite font.

Can be seen in CODE-112.


Inspired by the Psygnosis logo from Amiga games of old as well as some of the title typography from the gorgeous Shadow of the Beast II this font came out surprisingly well given the constraints.

While the font can be too difficult to read for large blocks of text it shines on status and list screens as well as titles and menus.

The alternative ‘Razor Rust’ is actually a much earlier iteration of this font (it went through so many) that actually complements it nicely and has a much rougher feel.

Can be seen in Ludum Dare.