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Slab-serif fonts are my favorite family of fonts. From the incredibly gorgeous Guardian Egyptian to Rockwell and so many other slabs.

You could argue with 8 pixels across and 8 up that any slab look is going to be lost or you could argue that almost ever serif font created in this size is a slab because we don’t have enough detail to a traditional serif. I wouldn’t argue with you either way.

So why another serif? Well, this one - loosely based on Rockwell - is wider and more rounded than ZX Courier and Envious Serif giving it more flavor but feels less cramped than Mutual and less stylised than Plato. As always use the screenshot simulator to compare and find the font that works best for your game!


Another 2020 started-and-published font that came from getting into the feel of the 1930s watching Hercule Poirot.

This font is tall with expansive open counters, and the 8x8 has severely limited ascenders and descenders as a consequence. It is available in regular, semi-bold, and bold weights, as well as a proportionally-optimized FZX version.

This typeface works well for titles, prose, and lists where a 1930s feel is desired.


Created in mid-2019 as a different take on a serif font that exploits the full width and some additional flourishes.

It works well for all types of text. An additional one pixel of vertical spacing would help the font breathe.

ZX Times

The Times font, and especially its more recent Times New Roman update, are ubiquitous being standard on pretty much every platform under the sun.

Designing this font in 2018 the challenge was developing a bold serif in 8x8 that didn’t just look like a generic bold serif but retained the style of Times. Between the oval 0, the double-story g and subtle contrasts on angled lines.

The font works well in many scenarios where you want a bold, formal look.

Can be seen in Corey Coolbrew.