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An alternate take on Hourglass inspired this time by Hoefler & Co.’s Decimal typeface that captures the feel of many classical watch faces.

This type is incredibly readable and classy although a little tight vertically that could do with an extra row between lines and maybe even a proportional renderer.

Works well in all kinds of titles, prose, etc. and would suit many a text adventure too.


Up to this point all my sans fonts - well most of my fonts at all really - have used at most 6 vertical pixels for the x-height and typically only 5 pixels. This is because you need a row for the space and then another row for the dot on the i and then another for descenders.

Well what if we sacrifice the ‘i’ so we can make the x height one pixel taller? The ascenders start to suffer but we can always help that out by curving the join back down before it meets the ascender (and descender) to give it a longer appearance.

This was my first go at tackling that in making a sans that is very clear. I decided to just remove the dots from the i and j and give them a small serif instead. The end result looks a little like Geneva on classic MacOS on comparison and I couldn’t resist borrowing the lower-case w design.

An extra line of vertical space can help it breathe a little and the proportional FZX also looks smart.


Slab-serif fonts are my favorite family of fonts. From the incredibly gorgeous Guardian Egyptian to Rockwell and so many other slabs.

You could argue with 8 pixels across and 8 up that any slab look is going to be lost or you could argue that almost ever serif font created in this size is a slab because we don’t have enough detail to a traditional serif. I wouldn’t argue with you either way.

So why another serif? Well, this one - loosely based on Rockwell - is wider and more rounded than ZX Courier and Envious Serif giving it more flavor but feels less cramped than Mutual and less stylised than Plato. As always use the screenshot simulator to compare and find the font that works best for your game!


A 2020 attempt at creating a serious looking font without all the bother of squeezing in ascenders and descenders by using a small caps version I last tried with Localhost (which was designed to look quirky and not professional).

I was kind of surprised this turned out so clean and readable and I do wonder why some games and titles didn’t go and use all-caps. Sure it’s not the best for a text adventure but for titles, status screens and lists it’s actually quite pleasant. The nature of capitals being so much more box-like brings together more of a virtual grid/alignment of text with the spacing that you get with ascender and descenders intruding into the space.

The typeface contains two additional variants that reduce the height of the numerics from the same-size as capitals by 1 pixel to sit between the upper and lower “Mid” and another that further reduces them to be the same height as the lower-case “Small”.