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A 2021 production combining the magnetic blobs with sharp angles of sci-fi to create something a little different.

This typeface is best used for titles, legends, and menus as large runs of text become hard to read due to the extreme styling.


A 2021 alternative-take on the 80s-flavoured NASA-style typography. Unlike previous typefaces in this style (see Also Consider) this one takes a softer and more rounded approach on the upper-case and a more traditional humanist look on the lower-case.

The result is something that still feels like that 80s idea of space but is much more readable and approachable and therefore works quite well for text adventures and large copy while still punching out style when the capitals or ALL CAPS come into play.


A 2021 production taking the concept of a magnetic-character-recognition style and making it incredibly small. The bottom-heavy magnetic elements also give it a weight reminiscent of 80s chrome as well.

It works pretty well for a number of scenarios and given the size you could squeeze out a lot more text with a proportional renderer.


A 2021 release that intersects the magnetic style of Computing 60s with a cut-out “stencil” style like No Step.

The result is something a little interesting if difficult to read beyond simple titles or menus.