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In April 2020 an individual behind the Phantasy Star retranslation project named Maxim reached out to see what could be done about the boring font in the Sega Master System game.

The brief was futuristic but old which were quite at odds with each other so I took a few cues from the Phantasy Star title screen and went with an angular theme that still spouted plenty of chunky serif flair.

This font works surprisingly well for blocks of text, titles and headings.

ZX Sierra Quest

I love point ‘n click adventures and so seeing early Sierra’s King’s Quest lately put me on a mission to squeeze one into the 8x8 grid.

The majority of the characters just fit so really this job was just about squeezing in those pesky descenders.

This font works well for anything you can throw at it and a proportional renderer would be the icing on a cake.

ZX Minecraft

The Minecraft font is quite iconic and fits exactly within an 8x8 despite being proportionally rendered in the game. The high vertical bars on the capitals and the inconsistencies in the lower case give it a somewhat unique flavor that is often reproduced but normally with mistakes.

I created this reproduction in 2019 based on the Java Edition version of the game to ensure maximum consistency with the Sinclair character set including the extended-ASCII codes for the pound and copyright signs.

This reinterpretation works well when you want to push that blocky modern feel but requires an extra 1 vertical line of space to ensure upper and descenders do not touch. Proportional rendering also finishes the touch.


A fresh font created in 2019 inspired by the chaotic typography of games like Day of the Tentacle purely from memory. The actual in-game font is quite different so once again this font takes on a life of its own.

Both upright and semi-bold with serifs and square edges this font can work across many styles of games although using it for a period text adventure is probably a bad idea.