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I’ve covered the Shadow of the Beast influences with Razor (like the Psygnosis logo) and Beastly (in-game titles and font style) and so this one draws inspiration from the box-art logos which are, I believe, by Roger Dean. Flowing arches, sharp cliffs, and vibrant gradient skies all adorn his alien landscapes and these themes are used to great extent in the custom lettering of his logos as well.

The font works quite nicely for titles and you could probably utilize it for some intro text but setting a whole text adventure in it would make a challenging read for many.

ZX Sierra Quest

I love point ‘n click adventures and, seeing Sierra’s Quest for Glory recently put me on a mission to squeeze one into the 8x8 grid.

The majority of the characters just fit. This font was just about squeezing in those pesky descenders.

This font works well for anything you can throw at it, and a proportional renderer would be the icing on a cake.

This typeface stars in Day of the Sleigh.


A fresh font created in 2019 inspired by the chaotic typography of games like Day of the Tentacle purely from memory. The actual in-game font is quite different so once again this font takes on a life of its own. A bold was added in 2020.

Both upright and semi-bold with serifs and square edges this font can work across many styles of games although using it for a historical or mythical text adventure is probably a bad idea.


Inspired by the Psygnosis logo from Amiga games of old as well as some of the title typography from the gorgeous Shadow of the Beast II this font came out surprisingly well given the constraints.

While the font can be too difficult to read for large blocks of text it shines on status and list screens as well as titles and menus.

The alternative ‘Razor Rust’ is actually a much earlier iteration of this font (it went through so many) that actually complements it nicely and has a much rougher feel.

Can be seen in Ludum Dare.