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Sometimes when designing a font it can start to feel similar to another one. Normally a quick flip to my page and I’ll find one that’s either similar enough that I should make drastic changes or it’s suitably different and I can continue. This one felt SO familiar but I couldn’t find anything in my pages, nor in my _incomplete, or old rejected deletions.

Unperturbed I dug into my original BASIN font collection, no joy, then finally to an image of an old 3” Spectrum +3 disk of fonts I did back in the 80s. There it was, a font very similar to the one I was working on named “keyboard” - inspired by the heavy oblique letters on the key caps of the Amstrad-produced Spectrum +2 and +3.

Comparing them my new font was much better quality than the old attempt so I stuck with it and so here is my only heavy oblique font to date. Given the size limitations it may well be the only one I do in this style and it works quite well for titles but is a little too chunky for paragraphs of text.


A 2021 release that intersects the magnetic style of Computing 60s with a cut-out “stencil” style like No Step.

The result is something a little interesting if difficult to read beyond simple titles or menus.


A 2021 release that’s been sat around since 2020 but it was time to let it free or send it to the big bit bucket in the sky. It escaped and perhaps it’ll find a new home after all.

One of the problems with designing for 8x8 is the desire to want to stretch all the characters out to be the same size where possible. In real life large-scale proportional fonts this does not happen. M and W aren’t the only wide characters, O and G can be quite wide and other characters go narrow like J. I’ve done this in a few of my fonts but not in a bold.

The result is quite pleasant although the advantages of a proportional renderer are quite apparent. I also went with small-caps lower case because why not, I’ve been using that as a cheat for a few fonts now, expect a return to normality soon enough.


A 2021 production - yes, I’m still plotting in BASIN - that attempts to capture the feel of the Atari ST GEM/TOS high-res mode. The font itself can’t be translated as it’s way too tall being some 16 pixels high (yet only 8 wide).

Descenders and ascenders are given a bit of a short shaft to squeeze this in and the x-height is way too tall but it still kind of works somehow.

It’s quite readable for most scenarios except if you wish to use it for prose you really need to inject an extra line of vertical space between the characters. You can use FZX or a custom font renderer of your choice.