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More Silk Icons – Silk Companion #1  

FamFamFam produces a great set of 1,000+ free silky-smooth 16×16 pixel icons called Silk Icons. You can never have too much of a good thing.

Here are the 450+ new icons in my Silk Companion #1 icon set (download) now available:

Some of the icons in the Silk Companion #1 set.


Silk companion #1 preview (more Silk icons)  

Preview of Silk Companion Icon Pack #1The Silk icon pack available from FamFamFam (also known as Mark Jones) is an excellent pack of free 16×16 pixel icons.

Whilst the pack contains over 1,000 icons I still find plenty of gaps when I am using them and being that there has been no new updates in 18 months I have decided to release my own companion pack of several hundred more icons in the same style.

The new icons fall into one of several types:

  • new icons are drawn from scratch in the same style (moon, Apple, decline, text, borders, ruler)
  • adjusted/recoloured versions of existing icons (people, database, disk, CD-R, gold star, silver bell)
  • new compositions (OS Xx applications, paint+brush, bug fix)
  • modifications to existing icons (eaten cake, broken heart, checked flag, bookmark, sorting)

The current companion pack is weighing in at around 300 icons but I expect this number to reach around 400-500 by the middle of next week and then I’ll release them here (under the exact same Creative Commons licence as the original pack).

If you have any suggestions on icons you’d like to see added, leave a comment!

The icon pack is now available.