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Office shortcuts for accented characters on Windows

Many years ago I came across, by accident, a way of entering foreign accented characters into Microsoft Office applications by way of a standard non-accented UK/US keyboard.

Whilst this technique is documented in a few places very few people seem to have come across it.

Press Ctrl and a symbol followed by a letter and it will apply this symbol to the letter if it forms a valid accented character. Some symbols require you press Shift at the same time as Ctrl if you normally need to press Shift to get the symbol (e.g. ^ on via Shift6)

Symbol Name Diacritic Examples
: Colon Umlaut äëïöüÿÄËÏÖÜŸ
^ Caret Circumflex âêîôûÂÊÎÔÛ
Single quote Acute áéíóúðýÁÉÍÓÚÝÐ
` Apostrophe Grave àèìòùÀÈÌÒÙ
, Comma Cedilla çÇ
~ Tilde Tilde ã?õ?ñÃ?Õ?Ñ
Double quote Double acute ????
@ At Ring åÅ
/ Forward slash øØ
& Ampersand æœßÆŒ

For example to get  you would type CtrlShift6 (where ^ lives) then let go of the keyboard and press ShiftA (for A). Voilà!

It sure beats trying to remember Alt-01nn numeric keypad codes or delving into the depths of Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map.