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Space Opera

I created this font in 2018 as a tribute to the Star Wars logo.

The letters work well for a monospace as many glyphs fill the width with joining lines. It manages to be a flowing font without the jagged edges loops and diagonals impose.

It works surprisingly well for titles and lists and isn’t too bad even for full blocks of text.

Chest Burster

I created this font around 2006 as a resource for the BASIN development tool.

The inspiration is taken from, as its name would suggest, the scant few letters in the logo for the movie Aliens.

This font is very readable although the generous spacing between characters can make it hard to read for large blocks of text. That could easily be addressed by a proportional font renderer or even just rendering the left most 6 pixels of each glyph.

Can be seen in Main Course: The Retro Cut.