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Jordan Mechner’s phenomenal ground-breaking Prince of Persia needs no introduction. Even if you weren’t around for the original, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about it or played one of the many more-modern remakes and sequels.

Rensoup has been porting Prince of Persia to the humble Atari 8-bit using the BBC Master port as the basis, and it’s looking quite incredible, and he reached out to me about a custom font for a little more polish.

The font takes some ideas from Polaris but embellishes them with typographical elements from the typography that adorn the original box.

Hopefully, the game adopts this font, but as-yet, there are no public builds with it, so we shall see.


Runes predate our Latin based alphabet and directly informed and influenced it in many ways. Many of the earlier ones are not too recognizable but taking the Anglo-Saxon runes and a bunch of liberties.

The result is something quite readable by modern eyes even on low-resolutions screens.


A 2020 exploration into old style hand-scripts such as you’d find in Lord of the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons.

Not based on any one specific script but rather an amalgamation of styles then smoothed out to create one of its own. The capitals are wide and short (much like a halfling or Hobbit) and have some of the feel of an Uncial with some sharper Dwarven-inspired angles. The lower case are more flowing borrowing a little from Elvish.

It works quite well for the obligatory titles, status and menu screens especially for medieval or fantasy games. Longer prose may work for your audience too.


This is a much more recent attempt to take a hand flowing form and make it look far more elegant and precise… a lot more as if it was written by a Scribe. (The font I previously called Scribe is now called Parchment as it’s far too haphazard for such a name).

This font is a 2020 creation and works surprisingly well in titles, prose and indeed lists. It would work very well for a historical text adventure and should shine on old CRT displays or emulators with CRT effects.

Bold, condensed and smaller lowercase were added later and then some inspiration hit from two further variations - an ‘Eire’ Irish inspired version and a ‘Hylean’ one taking cues from a Legend of Zelda Manga.