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The Xerox Alto mono-spaced font rises again

Preview of the AltoMono fontComputing history tells us of a mythical place where many of the innovations we take for granted today were either invented or refined to a working level at a single location known as the Xerox’s Palo-Alto Research Center (PARC).

These discoveries form the basis of much of the technology we use today and include the desktop metaphor, the graphical user interface, laser printers, object orientation and Ethernet.

Xerox manufactured a number of high-end machines including the 1973 Xerox Alto which, being GUI based, shipped with a number of proportional bit-mapped fonts.

What is interesting to me however is the mono-spaced font used by the SWAT debugger (but not by the command prompts, they were proportional – ahead of their time!) and so, based on a screen-shot of SWAT, I thought it needed to live again!

I’ve had to make up a few of the symbols and letters that weren’t shown and filled out the symbols for the Windows 1252 Latin-1/ISO-8990-1 code-page and with the absence of any solid information online give it a name so here is Alto Mono!

Download Alto Mono (TrueType, Windows FON, BDF) (30 KB)

When using the TrueType version choose 6 point on Windows and 8 point on Mac OS X.

The Xerox manuals are also fun to browse though with such section headings as “Things the user doesn’t really need to know…” and “How to get out of trouble” and the comments about SWAT’s odd syntax and interface.

Don’t forget to check out my reproduction of the PalmOS system font. Not monospaced but very clear at small sizes – great for the Visual Studio output window ;-)


Older pixel fonts back online

Some of my older bitmap “pixel” font files are now available again, they are:

  • Envy Code A – sizes from 7pt-12pt in both regular and bold weights Envy Code A font at 7pt regular
  • Envy Code B – sizes from 9pt-10pt in regular, bold, italic and bold italic. (was the basis for Envy Code R) Envy Code B font at 9pt regular
  • Palm OS – a Window port of the Palm OS system font recreated from screenshots. Palm OS font at 8pt regular

I also have about 20 pixel fonts from my Spectrum days that I am intending on bringing across to Windows FON format in the near future.


Envy Code B font available in TrueType format

It’s been a long time coming but finally – a TrueType conversion of my programming font Envy Code B.

Envy Code B on the Mac size 13It’s still a pixelated font so will only look good at 10pt (on Windows, 13pt on the Mac). There is no bold or italic variants but this should be enough to get it into those elusive TTF-only applications like CodeSmith and Flash.

Please note however that there will be color fringing on ClearType systems. This seems to be a limitation of the Windows XP font rendering system as it is even ignoring the bit-mapped font representation despite documentation I’ve read online to the contrary.

Envy Code B on the Mac at size 10 anti-aliasedYou can use the font on Mac OS X too – set to size 13 and turn off anti-aliasing where available (e.g. Terminal). It also looks quite good at 10pt if you can read text that small.

Now maybe I can get the hang of vector based fonts and produce a proper scalable version… Until then Anonymous or Monaco are quite worthy replacements ;-)


Palm OS font available

Palm OS fontMy conversion of the Palm OS system font – as seen on the Palm Pilot – is now available for download. I’ve re-created the original 7 point normal font, the 7 point bold and the 11 point larger text from Palm OS screen-shots.

If you need a really small proportional font that’s nice to read this could be what you’re looking for.