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A 2020 exploration into old-style hand-scripts such as you’d find in Lord of the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons.

Not based on any specific script but rather an amalgamation of styles then smoothed out to create one of its own. The capitals are broad and short (much like a halfling or Hobbit) and have some Uncial feel yet with sharper Dwarven-inspired angles. The lower-case letters flow, borrowing a little from Elvish.

It works quite well for the obligatory titles, status and menu screens, especially for medieval or fantasy games. Longer prose may work for your audience too.


I’ve covered the Shadow of the Beast influences with Razor (like the Psygnosis logo) and Beastly (in-game titles and font style) and so this one draws inspiration from the box-art logos which are, I believe, by Roger Dean. Flowing arches, sharp cliffs, and vibrant gradient skies all adorn his alien landscapes and these themes are used to great extent in the custom lettering of his logos as well.

The font works quite nicely for titles and you could probably utilize it for some intro text but setting a whole text adventure in it would make a challenging read for many.


This 2020 font takes inspiration from Defender of the Crown on the Amiga. I’d created a TrueType version of reproduction of that a while back.

By taking cues from a narrow old-style, I set out to create something from scratch that was also taller with a different approach to flourishes and angles.

It works very well for all on-screen scenarios, but a proportional renderer or 6-pixel wide renderer would do it the most justice.

I added semi-bold and bold variants in early 2021.


Uncial is a style of lettering used between the 4th to 8th century by Latin and Greek scribes. You can imagine this 2006 BASIN production had its work cut-out (and a typo meant it was called Unical).

It has an old hand feel to it but not in the soft geometric way that many a Zenobi text adventure has. It’s very angular, with small capitals taking the place of the odd lower case.

While the text is quite readable and works well for titles, the small-caps lower-case can make large bodies of text difficult to scan - even if individual letters are easy to identify.

Can be seen in Knights & Chalices and Booty: The Remake.