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On reviewing many of the fonts for publication as part of my ZX Origins collection I noticed a dearth of softer fonts and Cushion is an attempt to address that.

Soft curves are difficult on an 8x8 as you either take one pixel off a corner or three - the former can look square and the latter triangular. As always a combination of tricks such as reducing the length of the horizontal strokes can achieve a more desirable effect.

This font works great everywhere and is very pleasing to read.


I drew these fonts back in the day and I’m not sure I ever published them before probably because the limitations of 4 pixel wide fonts mean that you don’t get much originality. There are plenty of other fonts out there like this including the Spectrum Tasword font as well as Screen-80 and Highspeed80

The idea with these fonts is you use a renderer that can draw half-width to double the amount of text you can display on-screen. For a Commodore 60 that would be 80 characters, for a Spectrum that would give you 64.

The fonts are available in regular, short and tall variants as well as a square version of each.

The simulated usage samples below only support 8x8 mono-spaced fonts and so do not show the intended usage of this typeface.

Can be seen in Scroll of the Time Lords.


I created this font in 2018 although I’ve forgotten the inspiration entirely. A bold style was added in 2020.

The style is similar in but not quite as wide, with cleaner more defined edges taking some artistic liberties with diagonal lines.

It is clear and easy to read and comes with a ‘Tall Caps’ variant that effectively provides a tiny drop-caps when used alongside lower case letters.