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A May 2021 production that hasn’t been around too long based on the typography from the opening sequences of the phenomenal The Expanse TV-show.

I’ve taken a few liberties - the over-stylized E in the show is just a bit too much to work without a lot of context and I’ve deviated from the underlying DIN font they’re based on with regards to keeping the curves open and stuck to the horizontal rather than curving back in, e.g. C, G etc. to give it a bit more of a different feel from other fonts.

The end result is still surprisingly easy to read, works great with a proportional renderer and has enough flair on the caps to stand-out from the crowd.


A 2021 alternative-take on the 80s-flavoured NASA-style typography. Unlike previous typefaces in this style (see Also Consider) this one takes a softer and more rounded approach on the upper-case and a more traditional humanist look on the lower-case.

The result is something that still feels like that 80s idea of space but is much more readable and approachable and therefore works quite well for text adventures and large copy while still punching out style when the capitals or ALL CAPS come into play.

Ion Drive

A 2019 creation that managed to escape the _Incomplete folder in early 2020. It is aggressive, angular, and very tightly compressed.

Despite the compressed vertical height, it works well for titles and large runs of text at least on clear RGB screens and emulators.

With some tweaks to the symbols, you could render this font with just 6 vertical pixels if using a custom renderer. On a Spectrum that would give 32 lines instead of the usual 24.


Occasionally when working on a font, I’ll struggle with a specific glyph and push it in different ways to find something that works. Sometimes, the “very different” will lead to a font entirely on its own, which led to CannonFire.

It’s very angular, sharp in places with very distinctive uppercase and tight lowercase. As is often the case with narrower fonts, you really could do with a proportional renderer here to get the characters much closer together.

It’s quite pleasant for titles and options screens, and you can use it for short runs of text. There are a bold variant and an “open” variant that opens up some of the counters.