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I’m a big fan of point ‘n click adventures from my first experience with Monkey Island through Rex Nebula, Larry, Deponia, the incredible Broken Sword series as well as Simon the Sorcerer and modern takes such as Machinarium and Ron Guilbert’s excellent Thimbleweed Park.

I’d come across Lamplight City during its development and the screenshots for the note taking to me did not fit with the look. The artwork is gorgeous throughout but the fonts were basically low-resolution renders of modern fonts that hadn’t even been cleaned up. I offered my talents specifically for the case journal and put together a low-resolution font in a clear, handwritten style. Unfortunately it went out in the beta test as the font for the hover text because it was deemed a bit too big for the notebook, and testers didn’t like it so it got yanked.

Oh well. Here it is transplanted into 8x8 with the only real sacrificies being the descenders.

ZX Venice

If I had a cent for every time I’ve gazed upon one of Susan Kare’s fonts and felt inspired…

This font attempts to capture the essence of her iconic Venice 14pt typeface and squeeze it down to 8x8 with some mixed results. It captures the feel but unlike many other 8x8 conversions this one had to take quite an artistic license to cram it in. It captures some of the flavor if not the flourish and grace of the original.


Another one that started in 2019 that took some time to polish-off for release. The challenge here was to try and get a very clean looking flowing hand-written type. I’d already had a go with the hand-written style in Forgotten and a flowing type in Coolant but not both together. It’s especially challenging in a mono-space font because joining the characters is important and you don’t want long horizontal strokes creating ‘dashes’ between letters.

I think it came out quite well. It’s readable (at least on LCD screens, I have yet to try it on a CRT) and can even work for text adventures if your audience can read “cursive” (most people interested in text-adventures are old enough to be able to read/write it I suspect but it’s probably not a bad idea to let them toggle to something simpler).

ZX Ramona

I created this font in 2005 as my take on an existing bitmap font by legendary designer Susan Kare (of MacOS, Chicago, etc.) called Ramona.

That font seems to have been lost online with references now only pointing to a book called “Indie Fonts 2” which shows a few of the letters in this style. Alas the font is also not listed as being included on the CD that accompanied the book. My recollection is that the font was a bit larger and not mono-spaced.

This reinterpretation works well when any flowing text is required such as adventure games or even for character speed bubbles.