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I designed this font back in 2019 in BASIN as an interpretation of the 1968 font Moore Computer designed by James H. Moore of Typographic House in 1968.

A heavily magnetic OCR font with that distinct dated futuristic feel that is a little more aggressive than most magnetic fonts in the 8x8 format that were so popular in games.

This font works great for titles and small runs of text and, at a stretch, you can even use it for low-density text adventures.


Inspired by the Psygnosis logo from Amiga games of old as well as some of the title typography from the gorgeous Shadow of the Beast II this font came out surprisingly well given the constraints.

While the font can be too difficult to read for large blocks of text it shines on status and list screens as well as titles and menus.

The alternative ‘Razor Rust’ is actually a much earlier iteration of this font (it went through so many) that actually complements it nicely and has a much rougher feel.

Can be seen in Ludum Dare