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I designed this font in 2019 but didn’t polish it up until 2020. I’d held back expecting to create some different variant or for some other font to otherwise intersect into a typeface but it never happened.

The font works quite well for futuristic styled games when used sparingly - large paragraphs of text can however be hard to read given the limited x-height.


Trouble is a recent 2019 design the blends the bottom-heavy style of Beachball and friendliness with some of the punch and angularity of Vertigo for something less chaotic and still fun.

The font works exceptionally well on lists and titles screens yet is still a good read for dialog despite the thickness.

You Squared

This font started as You Square in 2006’s BASIN as a simple digital square font. It later received a bold weight and finally a wide variant too.

All three work well for titles, prose and lists and the combination of three styles allows for some mix and match variation.


I created this font around 2006 for BASIN as a throwback to another 80s kid toy - the Etch-a-Sketch. A bold was added in 2019.

Trying to draw text while turning two knobs, one for each axis, required co-ordination - c-ordination that neither I nor anyone else I knew possessed. On a good day it would look like this.

This font looks okay on title screens but only a masochist would force people to read large blocks of text and you’d have to be truly evil to use this in a text adventure.