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A fresh font created in 2019 inspired by the chaotic typography of games like Day of the Tentacle purely from memory. The actual in-game font is quite different so once again this font takes on a life of its own. A bold was added in 2020.

Both upright and semi-bold with serifs and square edges this font can work across many styles of games although using it for a historical or mythical text adventure is probably a bad idea.


A 2018 creation designed in BASIN for games that want an aggressive angular appearance often associated with motor-sports and other such events.

Both bold and regular weights are included and they are readable even for long blocks of text although a proportional renderer and an extra 1 pixel of vertical spacing would really make this pop.


I created this font around 2006 for BASIN as a throwback to another 80s kid toy - the Etch-a-Sketch. A bold was added in 2019.

Trying to draw text while turning two knobs, one for each axis, required co-ordination - c-ordination that neither I nor anyone else I knew possessed. On a good day it would look like this.

This font looks okay on title screens but only a masochist would force people to read large blocks of text and you’d have to be truly evil to use this in a text adventure.


I drew these fonts in 2018 and 2019 using BASIN. They are inspired by the cracking intros and tools from the Commodore Amiga ‘Warez’ scenes of the 90s.

Sector Zero starts from the most angular - zero pixels removed from corners - trough to the most extreme in Two where two pixels on each axis are removed on selected curves. The “One” variant removes just a single pixel from those corners to act as the in-between style.

These fonts look futuristic and edgy in a slightly retro style and work well on titles or for small to medium runs of text. A proportional renderer would also do them wonders.