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A 2020 design that goes with an squared off angular bold look that still manages to look different - is somewhat the opposite bolding of my Trouble font with some alternative takes in places.

The font works well on lists and titles screens can be readable for prose on decent quality displays.


I’d played around with doing a heavier bubblier version of Beachball that didn’t come out how I wanted so when I spotted an Amiga Demo by the group Anarchy featuring a bubbly heavy weighted text I was hooked.

Originally this started as a blanket copy but their font was a mix of upper and lower case letters. I positioned the upper-styled and lower-styled ones to their rightful positions and then designed glyphs to fill the gaps. Given that I think this font has merit but can’t be considered an original creation as it takes ~36 characters as-is from the Igor of Anarchy’s original 1990 design.

This font looks great in a variety of scenarios but at a minimum needs an extra 1 vertical line between rows of text. You can even mix the upper and lower case to great effect.

Security Concepts

Created in late 2019 and inspired by the original RoboCop logo this font is bold, chunky, industrial and angular.

It works well for titles, menus and short lists. Larger blocks of text can be quite hard to read.


Another recent 2019 design this time taking inspiration from the posters of 60s movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

This font has a lot of energy and some chaos plus a dash of datedness from the simply woodblock-like structure.

This style works well for not only title screens but text adventures and large runs of text and even looks great with standard fixed-width 8-pixel rendering.