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I designed this font in 2019 in BASIN as a very bold and angular font.

It works great for titles and headings and can be used for descriptive prose providing the screen isn’t too fuzzy.


I created this font in 2018 as a bubbly fun font that somehow reminded me of playing on the beach with friends.

It is mostly sans-serif with some subtle exceptions and chunky lower terminals and lower arms. This gives it quite a new refreshing feel for an 8x8 although a proportional renderer and an extra 1 pixel of vertical whitespace would make it shine.

This font works very well on title screens and could even work in a text adventure with custom font rendering to inject that extra line of space.


Baby Teeth was designed by Milton Glaser in 1964, inspired by a hand-painted sign in Mexico City. Glaser used the design for his famous Bob Dylan poster in 1966. No official digital version exists but I hope this 8x8 bitmap at least lets some of the unique flavors of the original flow through.

It works well for titles and dialog screens but larger blocks of text should be avoided.