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Another 2005-2007 creation for the BASIN development tool this time with a racing feel.

I wanted to do an LCD font but 8x8 pixels is simply nowhere near enough to do it properly … but as is often the case there are tricks for a similar feel.

This font uses some missing pixels to give an LCD/race board feel that makes it a good choice for small runs of text, timers, lap times, and scoreboards.

Can be seen in Tea-Leaf Ted.


I designed this font in 2019 using BASIN as a tribute to 80s NASA and the typography that adorned the iconic Space Shuttle.

While the shuttles no longer take to the skies their imagery is inspiring to this day.

This typeface works well for both titles and large runs of text although a couple of the more extreme stylizations like the A might confuse in some scenarios. Having both a bold and non-bold gives a few extra options.


A fast cutting font reminiscent of high speed, action-packed movie posters and video games I designed in 2019 using the trusty BASIN editor. A wide variant was added in July 2020.

This font works well for both titles and prose where you want a mix of edgy, fast, and futuristic.


This typeface started out as a 2006 BASIN production under the names Little Shadow, Little Shadow Bold, and Small Outline. I decided to combine them under a new name for this release - District - and produce a regular variant plus missing bold weight for the outline as well as a Digital. Toward the end of 2020 I added a “Comic” style for further fun.

The regular styles work well in many scenarios, the outline works best as dark text on a light background and the shadow requires that dark ink on a light paper to achieve the effect at all.