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.NET / C#  

Title Environment Company Released Description
C5AS .NET C# Contract5 Ltd. 2004 Secure authentication and challenge system with web services interface and management tools for internet banking.
CSharpAnalytics .NET C# Open source 2012-2013 Complete .NET/C# based application analytics package to integrate with Google Analytics.
Code First .NET C# Microsoft 2011 API design, fluent API implementation, database generation, relationship configuration.
Entity Framework .NET C# Microsoft 2009 Implementation of Single/SingleOrDefault/DefaultIfEmpty/Contains/IN/Query Extenders support, T4 template work.
ElasticLINQ .NET C# Centurylink Cloud 2014 LINQ provider for Elasticsearch
Kontiki .NET C# + VB.NET Global Computing 2007 Multi-jurisdictional, multi-currency, multi-tennant, customizable, localizable payroll.
LINQ to SQL .NET C# Microsoft 2009 Fixes and enhancement to the LINQ to SQL (System.Data.Linq).
L2ST4 .NET C# Open source 2008 Complete T4 template replacement for the LINQ to SQL code generation provided by the designer and SQL Metal.
Netflix .NET C# Netflix 2011-2012 Added post-play to the Silverlight player, various Windows Phone 7 updates and core framework + signup of the Windows 8 application.
NullableTypes .NET C# Open source 2003 Added IXMLSerializable and NullableGuid support to this SourceForge project
QuickReminder .NET C# Open source 2006 Simple and quick system-tray based reminder tool.
SubSonic .NET C# Open source 2007 Refactoring of code base including abstraction of coding languages.
Xbox Marketplace .NET C# MVC Microsoft 2010 Rewrite of web marketplace.