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Fonts & typography  

Commercial work

I have produced fonts for the following titles;

Envy Code (programming)

Specifically designed for programmers with clean distinct monospaced characters.

  • Envy Code R – scalable extensively hinted in regular, bold and italic.
  • Envy Code A – bitmapped tight spacing 7pt-12pt in regular and bold.
  • Envy Code B – bitmapped relaxed spacing 9pt-10pt in regular, bold, italic and bold italics.


These were just done for a bit of fun using iFontMaker on the iPad.

Building blocks

FontStruct is a great tool for putting together block-based fonts. I’ve developed a few there:

  • Lickable5 small 5×5 pixel font with additional points to force aliasing
  • Magic5 small 5×5 pixel monospaced font also available in bold
  • SixByFourPro small 6×4 pixel proportional font
  • Subpixel5 small 5×5 pixel proportional font that fakes subpixels for anti-aliasing
  • Tiny small 5×3 pixel proportional font

ZX Origins (bitmap 8×8)

ZX Origins is a large collection of fonts that all started life as 8×8 pixel monospaced fonts on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum now being repackaged in a variety of formats.

Inspired by

Modern interpretations or takes on older fonts.

  • WarGames font inspired by how their screens looked enlarged in some shots


Alternatively check out my complete list of FontStruct creations.