I have pushed pixels for a number of applications, sites and sets.

Reusable sets

These are some freely reusable icons for use in your own application, check the pages for exact license.


These icons were developed specifically for the following applications and are not for general reuse.

ZX Spin

ZX Spin is a Spectrum emulator for Windows. It is free (as in beer), developed with Delphi 5 and contains much in-line x86 assembler for speed and utilizes DirectX.

I took on the challenge to redesign the confusing options dialog and drew several helpful icons to indicate each section. The dialog has subsequently changed again into more sections and needs more icons.

Here are a few I drew in the BeOS isometric style and a few 2D top-down where space did not permit perspective for each of the models of Spectrum.

Sample of icons from ZX Spin


AnkhSVN is an add-in for Visual Studio that provides integration with the Subversion version control system.

These icons were used for the 1.x series of AnkhSVN and many are now gone as the 2.x interface is using Visual Studio icons wherever possible.

Sample of icons from AnkhSVN

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