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The day after last night  

So the ball went very well indeed. We are lots of food, met lots of people and drank my own bodyweight in alcohol. At some point my friend Wazzy acquired the world’s fattest cigar while I attempted to redo my bow-tie without a mirror or fine motor skills.

Tonight was the party for the place I’m currently contracting and although the food was fine I ended up feeling very hot and dizzy in some pubs afterwards and had to head home rather abruptly to the annoyance of friends. I should really be in bed but I still feel icky.



Hello and welcome to yet another person jumping onto the already overloaded blog-wagon.

My name is Damien Guard, I’m a freelance software developer living in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

I’m hoping to post some programming tricks and tips, mostly for .NET, the latest from Guernsey and little bits of news about my life.

So that’s something for everybody1


1 Providing you are a programmer, living in Guernsey or one of my friends. Or very bored.

Preparing for the Christmas ball  

Tonight I’ve been invited to a large ball for a large bank as part of the whole celebrating Christmas roller-coaster.

So, for the first time in my life, I have equipped myself with a dashing dinner jacket, new dress-shirt and a real bow-tie! Combine that with existing black trousers, shoes and a pair of cuff-links I got last Christmas from a client and presto the ensemble pops into existence.

Against the combined drawing talents of a small child and the writing ability of an illiterate foreigner that comprised the instructions supplied with my bow-tie I still managed to get the hang of it. One strategic trim later this afternoon and a quick trip to the dry-cleaners and I’ll be looking like a million Lire.

Who knows I might even post a photo.