Textura Blackletter returns

Artist II is the art program that got me hooked on creating fonts with it’s built-in font editor. I picked it up in a bundle with a mouse and interface from Datel in the 80s and could barely put it down. Artist II came with a couple of fonts - a bold, a futuristic and most interestingly a Blackletter/Old English font which amazed me for so many years to come.

In 2019 I thought I’d give doing a blackletter a go, specifically the Textura style. I intentionally avoided looking at the “Old English” Artist II one in order to avoid being too similar and I’m glad I did. While that font had very narrow non-bold lower-case mine takes on a thicker more stand-out style. Both fonts struggle to get the necessary curves and flourishes in the capitals but with only 8x8 pixels you’re options are limited. It took quite some time and along the way I tried an alternative style which resulted in Scribe.

This font works pretty well for normal runs of text and prose but avoid using capital letters next to each other as the density can turn it into something quite incomprehensible.

Simulated usage
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