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Responsible disclosure

I feel the opinions and views I express here are truly my own however it is only responsible to disclose payments or gifts in kind that could be construed to have influenced such views.


I am a contractor for MongoDB where I created their Entity Framework provider.


I worked for the awesome GitHub on their Atom editor editor from January 2016 through April 2018.

I was previously a Principal Software Engineer at Centurylink Cloud. I am part of the stock reward program. I have never written about Centurylink on my blog apart from a Pi Day event with Coder Dojo.

Attack Pattern

I was previously the Chief Technology Officer at Attack Pattern and had a lot of interest in this company and its products such as Sticker Tales doing well at that time. I left in June 2014 and do not have any financial ties with the company.


I was a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix between August 2011 and September 2012. I have not written about Netflix or any articles relating to my employment here. I held Netflix stock options from August 2011 exercising them in September 2013.


From May 2008 to July 2011 I was a full-time paid Software Development Engineer at Microsoft initially on the Object and Entity Frameworks Team (working on LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework and Code First) and then from March 2010 at Xbox LIVE working on the web marketplace. I owned Microsoft stock until April 2015 and participated in their corporate employee discount programs with other organizations I mention on this blog including Apple and AT&T.

My role at Microsoft did not include blogging and Microsoft is not involved with the content of this blog other than when I have personally sought technical details (LINQ to SQL changes for 4.0) or a wording review (Future of LINQ to SQL) from my team. A draft about the features I personally want in LINQ to SQL was abandoned when a team member drew my attention to the likely chance that people would construe this as future direction given my position at that time.

As a member of the ASP Insiders group I receive a complimentary MSDN subscription which includes Azure credits I take advantage of to learn and potentially host experiments and parts of this blog on.


I received a free copy of VMware Fusion 2.0 directly from VMware which I could just use or write a review of. I used it until version 3 where I paid for an upgrade but now use Parallels instead. I mention both on my blog but have not specifically reviewed either.


I talk about FontLab software and while I did join the affiliate program I did not earn any payments and paid full regular price for both FontLab Studio and BitFonter for Windows and an upgrade price for Fontographer for Mac.


I was offered and accepted a free copy of NDepends which I initially used to try and identify IL-level changes between my LINQ to SQL templates and the SQLMetal generated code. It was not well suited for this use and so I haven't reviewed or used the software since.

Clarius Visual T4

Clarius Consulting offer Visual T4 which adds syntax highlighting and IntelliSense to Visual Studio for T4 template (.tt) files. Clarius offered me a free Pro license as a thank-you for the T4 community work I have done - specifically the T4 multi-file helper and the LINQ to SQL templates - which I accepted and intend to use.

Affiliates & advertising

I have experimented with affiliate programs and advertising. To date (5 June 2023) approximate revenues (since 2008) from these are:

  • Amazon Affiliates $1,238 (various recommendations)
  • Google Adsense $610 (sidebar graphic advertising)
  • Guernsey estate agents $200 (graphic ad on the Guernsey Estate Agents page)
  • Commission Junction $1,334 (Crucial products in MacBook Pro SSD article)
  • Brevo $0 (link from post about Brevo with Nuxt3)

Everything else

I have received a number of free gift offers which normally come with the suggestion a review would be a welcome.

Any reviews on this site that were based on a free product are clearly listed so in the introductory paragraph.