About me

My name is Damien Guard and I grew up on the small picturesque island of Guernsey located off the coast of northern France. (Yes, it's where the cows come from)

I have been developing software since 1983 when I would learn on the school Acorn BBC Micros by day and my own Sinclair ZX Spectrum by night. I moved on to developing commercial & internet banking, e-commerce, device drivers, databases, intranets, extranets, Windows apps, content management and many other cool things.

I am currently working on next generation developer tooling.

Some previous career highlights include:

  • Auth0 as a principal on developer experience and SDKs.
  • GitHub working on the Atom editor.
  • MKG Marketing as their site developer and tech consultant.
  • Centurylink Cloud - Principal engineer working on cloud product as well as a stint on the analytics team
  • Attack Pattern - Chief Technical Officer for a Silicon Valley start-up creating apps for Western Digital, Microsoft, Xbox, Pinger and the Bluetooth SIG
  • Netflix - Senior Engineer on the .NET based platforms. That includes web video player, Windows Phone 7x and Windows 8 apps
  • Xbox - Senior Engineer on Xbox web marketplace and broader services across xbox.com including security and JSON APIs for Windows 8
  • Microsoft - Working on LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework object-relational mappers, one of the original guys behind Code First
  • Ricoh - Development of the international distributor extranet ordering system (1998) and subsequent expansion

Before moving to the USA I was actively involved in the Guernsey Software Developer Forum where I gave a number of talks on subjects such as Subversion, Web Application Security and Microsoft's Language Integrated Query (LINQ). I returned to Guernsey in 2020.

I hold a BSc degree in Computer Science (1st with Honours) and you can email me.

Thanks for reading,


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