Egyptian Mercy

Lost in a maze of square spirals

There are times when designing a font you just doodle a few characters and it flows through to define the rest of the font. Egyptian Mercy is one of these that I came up with in 2006 and was original enough that I’d spend hours trying to come up with a real TrueType scalable version - an effort that got nowhere with the realization the charm and effect is derived entirely from square pixels.

In typography terms Egyptian actually has a specific meaning - one that I’ve completely ignored here in favor of the more common idea of hieroglyphics with crazy square spirals and triangles standing in for circles to give it also a futuristic feel. It mostly reminds me of the architectural details in Deckard’s apartment in Blade Runner.

It works very well for unique looking titles, menus and pop-ups but you’d been hurting players if you tried to set a whole text adventure in this.

Simulated usage
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