Sharp, bold with a few rough edges to take off

Another 2019 creation this has been sitting in the _Incomplete folder in one form or another it could be older. I think Precinct 90 was the original the others were based upon, the 90 referring to the right-angled corner that was removed, the 180 referring two two corners removed and the 0 leaving it square on all corners.

The zero also has a short, an even smaller tiny variant and a “I can’t believe I went with 4 vertical pixels” bit variant. Overall it’s a similar concept to Sector but with a different final feel and look. In fact the Precinct 180 variant feels like the typography on the side of a Blade Runner Police Spinner which led to the name Precinct.

All of these work well for titles and options screens and the 0 variants work quite well for large runs of text unlike the 180 variant.

Simulated usage
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