ZX Chicago

Size reduced available in 15 colors

Susan Kare’s iconic Chicago shipped with the original Apple Macintosh in 1984 and was the standard system font until MacOS8 replaced it with the TrueType Charcoal look-alike. It did however receive a dust-off in 2001 to become the primary font on the newly launched iPod range.

I created this font around 1990 using Artist II on a Spectrum +3. It wasn’t quite so iconic back then and the real challenge was trying to get a 12 pixel high proportional font into an 8x8. (MacOS has a 9pt ‘Chicago’ that is devoid of the distinctive bold flair). In order to keep the tall narrow nature I reduced the width of some characters but then created a more relaxed ‘wide’ variant too.

This font works well for titles and large blocks of text although could definitely benefit from a proportional renderer.

Simulated usage
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